Friday, February 24, 2012

Tutorial Cigar Box Assemblage Giveaway Winner!

Hi Everyone:)

Well here it is almost the end of February, and I'm 
feeling like, 'where is this year flying off to!'
Wasn't it just Christmas? LOL!!

The weather here in Victoria, B.C. Canada is
still like the Winter, cold, rainy, but I noticed
yesterday bulbs poking their heads up in my 
yard and pots. So I guess there is still hope
of Spring! 

So here we are, about to 
Announce the Winner
of the
'Cigar Box Assemblage'
Tutorial Piece that I made for

But in the mail last week, 
a bit of unfinished business to attend to first!

When I Hosted the 
ATC Challenge

I chose 5 Winners to Swap ATC's with
for the Tutorial ATC's I made for the Post:)
Well by the time the Blog Post was to be done,
one of the Winner's ATC still hadn't arrived.
Typical for the Postal Service to be late!
(but that's a whole different story! LOL)

So a bit late, but really so pleased to receive!

Annie's ATC

Isn't this Fabulous!!! 
I squealed when I opened the pack, as this
is so beautiful!!

And she sent it with this Fabulous Card to boot!
All the way from the U.K.!
Annie has a blog at

So make sure you pop by and sign on 
with Annie, as she's really a creative and
talented soul!!!
Thanks so much Annie for Entering and
sending the ATC!! Love it!!!

Just to refresh your memory, (or mine! LOL)
I made this 'Cigar Box Assemblage' Tutorial
Piece for my Blog Post with 

And it was so kind of you all to show such interest
and to Enter to Win the Tutorial Piece:)
I really took great pleasure that you all
enjoyed it enough to Enter:)

So with Drums banging and confetti flying!!!!!
The Winner is!!!!


Woo Hoo!!!!

I will be sending an email to notify you
and to get your mailing information
to pop this into the post for you:)

Woo Hoo!!! 
Another Winner here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!

As I mentioned, it's almost the end of
February, and there's so much going on
here on my Blog coming up!!

I have another
ATC Challenge Coming!!!
It was so much fun, and I loved working
doing the Challenge,
and giving the 'Shout Out's for all the 
Winner's and their Wonderful ATC's
that I've decided to Host Another one!
Give me a couple of days more to get all the
details together, and to get all the 
prizes together to boot!
I will give you a head's up on the theme, so
you can get a head start on making up
some ATC's!!!
'Desserts and/or Sweet'
I figured not all of us covent Desserts so 
I threw in Sweet so it could encompass 
anything 'Sweet' LOL!

I'll be posting the New ATC Challenge by
next week, so do be sure to check back for
all the details and the Giveaway Goodies!!!

And in the meantime.....
A bit of Eye Candy of some Journaling 
I've been up to and a project or two....

As many of you know, I'm Deer nuts as well as
Birdnuts! LOL!
So this next project I have had in the works for
awhile, and I'm so pleased to have it finished:)

My kitchen clock died.....and I just couldn't 
bare to throw it into the recycling trash as
it was in good shape, and was 'telling' me
that it could be made into something.....

Meet 'Oh Deer Fur Bearer'

I had great fun making this collage, 
and I always enjoy coming up with new
themes for using my deer photos:)

So I also followed it up with a journal page....

'Oh Deer Safe Keeper'

I really enjoyed making this journal page
as well, as I used a few more goodies
than just regular graphics and Vintage Papers, 
as the
Watch and Cupcake 
are both

Do check out Kristin's selection as
they're great fun to play with!!!

Well there ya go!
Thanks again to 
Everyone who Entered
the Giveaway!!!
I always appreciate you all taking the time,
and a 
Big Thank you 
to all my
Google Followers, 
as if you hadn't noticed
I now have over
April is my
1 Year Anniversary
Birdnuts Mixed Media!

Look Out!!!
There will be some 
Celebrating and Prizes

So get busy on those ATC Ideas!!!
And see you in the next couple of days with
the ATC Challenge Post!!!!



Art From The heart said...

OMG,I am beyond delighted and floating on cloud 9.
Thank you sooooooo very much,I can't wait to see this beautiful piece up close.

Ann said...


jengd said...

Beautiful ATCs, congrats Amy, and those deer are a riot! Love 'em!

Coleen said...

Fun to see your ATCs, Denise. If you look at my blog you'll see some I've done too, tho' none with napkins.

Cheers, Coleen in Ukraine