Friday, February 10, 2012

$25 Gift Certificate Winner for Retro Cafe Art Gallery is!!!!!

Hello Everyone:)

Where has the time gone!!!
It' seemed like just last week I posted the 
Valentine's Cake Post!!!

But here we are, and I'm so excited to be 

Announcing the Winner
of the
$25 Gift Certificate

I always love making these Paper Cakes for
Kristin and her Wonderful Blog! 
And I always enjoy using her 
to add extra projects to the Cake Blog Posts:)

So here we are ready to 
Announce the Winner
And the Winner is!!!!


Woo Hoo!!!
(OMG! There's a Marching Band 
coming through my art room!!! LOL!)

I will be sending you an email Sandi to let you know
that you are the Winner and to arrange getting your
Gift Certificate to you!!!

In the meantime, 
I want to Thank You 
all for
Entering our Co-Hosted 
Gift Certificate Giveaway

I always really appreciate 
not only Kristin Hubick's participation in these Giveaways, 
but all of you who take the time to Enter them as well!!
I just wish I could give each of your prizes!!

So here we are, another 
Fabulous Giveaway coming to a close.
But there is more to come:) :)

Tomorrow I will be doing a 
New Blog Post with
Gail Schmidt

With another Tutorial Post!!
So do check back tomorrow!!

And as always, there are going to be more 
Giveaways and ATC Challenges 
and even more Surprises 
coming up over the next few weeks!!!

So while we wait for tomorrow's Tutorial Post with
Gail Schmidt of Shabby Cottage Studios!
Here's a bit of Eye Candy of some other projects
that I've been working on and are currently
floating all over Facebook!!! LOL!!!

It's my pleasure to introduce you to my latest project

'Oh Deer Aunt Alice'

LOL! As many of you know from my Blog and from Facebook, I have a great love for my local deer herd that I have been involved with for nearly 25 years:)
I have a wonderful relationship with generations of this herd, and have collected many fabulous photographs from face level which I tend to use in this 'Oh Deer' Series of my collages:)

Recently I also did a Journal Page using one of these photos

This is my Journal Page
'Oh Deer Tea Party'
(Grateful for the Graphics from both 
Graphics Fairy and Art Tea Life on Etsy 
and Graphics 45 Papers too!:)

The story goes.....
Ophelia, is Aunt Alice's Spinster Daughter,
who will never marry 
but likes to wear a wedding dress 
whenever possible....LOL!

I have been accused on Facebook, that this is probably
a representation of my home! Darn close!!! LOL!

As you can see from this picture, I've been hosting 
tea parties for a very long time!! LOL!!!

I've also been accused and it was predicted back in December,
 (by one who will remain nameless....ok, won't 
Kristin Hubick!!! LOL), 
that when my Husband purchased this 
Fabulous Glass topped Drafting Table for me 
for Birthday and Christmas, that it
wouldn't take long to clutter it......

I am publicly acknowledging that 
was correct!!! LOL!
Well at least the mess is organized!!!!
(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Being that this is one corner of my art room...I'm not
showing the rest of the mess!! LOL!

Well there ya go!!!
So here's to seeing you all tomorrow for the 
Tutorial Post for Shabby Cottage Studios!!

And in the meantime.....

'Make Life Your Own
Tea Party'


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