Friday, February 24, 2012

Tutorial Cigar Box Assemblage Giveaway Winner!

Hi Everyone:)

Well here it is almost the end of February, and I'm 
feeling like, 'where is this year flying off to!'
Wasn't it just Christmas? LOL!!

The weather here in Victoria, B.C. Canada is
still like the Winter, cold, rainy, but I noticed
yesterday bulbs poking their heads up in my 
yard and pots. So I guess there is still hope
of Spring! 

So here we are, about to 
Announce the Winner
of the
'Cigar Box Assemblage'
Tutorial Piece that I made for

But in the mail last week, 
a bit of unfinished business to attend to first!

When I Hosted the 
ATC Challenge

I chose 5 Winners to Swap ATC's with
for the Tutorial ATC's I made for the Post:)
Well by the time the Blog Post was to be done,
one of the Winner's ATC still hadn't arrived.
Typical for the Postal Service to be late!
(but that's a whole different story! LOL)

So a bit late, but really so pleased to receive!

Annie's ATC

Isn't this Fabulous!!! 
I squealed when I opened the pack, as this
is so beautiful!!

And she sent it with this Fabulous Card to boot!
All the way from the U.K.!
Annie has a blog at

So make sure you pop by and sign on 
with Annie, as she's really a creative and
talented soul!!!
Thanks so much Annie for Entering and
sending the ATC!! Love it!!!

Just to refresh your memory, (or mine! LOL)
I made this 'Cigar Box Assemblage' Tutorial
Piece for my Blog Post with 

And it was so kind of you all to show such interest
and to Enter to Win the Tutorial Piece:)
I really took great pleasure that you all
enjoyed it enough to Enter:)

So with Drums banging and confetti flying!!!!!
The Winner is!!!!


Woo Hoo!!!!

I will be sending an email to notify you
and to get your mailing information
to pop this into the post for you:)

Woo Hoo!!! 
Another Winner here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!

As I mentioned, it's almost the end of
February, and there's so much going on
here on my Blog coming up!!

I have another
ATC Challenge Coming!!!
It was so much fun, and I loved working
doing the Challenge,
and giving the 'Shout Out's for all the 
Winner's and their Wonderful ATC's
that I've decided to Host Another one!
Give me a couple of days more to get all the
details together, and to get all the 
prizes together to boot!
I will give you a head's up on the theme, so
you can get a head start on making up
some ATC's!!!
'Desserts and/or Sweet'
I figured not all of us covent Desserts so 
I threw in Sweet so it could encompass 
anything 'Sweet' LOL!

I'll be posting the New ATC Challenge by
next week, so do be sure to check back for
all the details and the Giveaway Goodies!!!

And in the meantime.....
A bit of Eye Candy of some Journaling 
I've been up to and a project or two....

As many of you know, I'm Deer nuts as well as
Birdnuts! LOL!
So this next project I have had in the works for
awhile, and I'm so pleased to have it finished:)

My kitchen clock died.....and I just couldn't 
bare to throw it into the recycling trash as
it was in good shape, and was 'telling' me
that it could be made into something.....

Meet 'Oh Deer Fur Bearer'

I had great fun making this collage, 
and I always enjoy coming up with new
themes for using my deer photos:)

So I also followed it up with a journal page....

'Oh Deer Safe Keeper'

I really enjoyed making this journal page
as well, as I used a few more goodies
than just regular graphics and Vintage Papers, 
as the
Watch and Cupcake 
are both

Do check out Kristin's selection as
they're great fun to play with!!!

Well there ya go!
Thanks again to 
Everyone who Entered
the Giveaway!!!
I always appreciate you all taking the time,
and a 
Big Thank you 
to all my
Google Followers, 
as if you hadn't noticed
I now have over
April is my
1 Year Anniversary
Birdnuts Mixed Media!

Look Out!!!
There will be some 
Celebrating and Prizes

So get busy on those ATC Ideas!!!
And see you in the next couple of days with
the ATC Challenge Post!!!!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Woo Hoo! Shabby Cottage Studio Time:) :) :)

Greetings One and All
(Well it was different from Hello Everyone! LOL)

Here we are again, with one of my 
Favourite Internet Shops and the 
Lovely and Talented
Gail Schmidt

Who I am so proudly the
Artist in Residence for:)

Gail Offers Up a Fabulous Assortment 
of Workshops and Classes
by a plethora of Wonderful and Talented Artists!

And today, Gail has posted a
New Workshop Class
of her own!

Gail Schmidt

And to Celebrate She's put it on Sale this Week
to Introduce you all to it!!!

So please do pop on over to see the Fabulous Collection
of Workshop, Classes and Gail's New Class as well as
New Products beginning to arrive for her 
Wonderful Shop!

But in the meantime, I have a 
Brand New Tutorial
which I hope you will enjoy and to inspire you
to try some of these ideas yourselves!

Cigar Box Assemblage
by Denise Phillips
Using Products from

It may only be a few more days until 
Valentine's Day
but Love should be Year Round!!! 

So Lets Get Started!

Using Gail's 7gypsies 'Roma' Book Covers
I wanted to come up with something a little 
different than what would come to mind first
off in using them.
I love using them to make Mini-Books, Cards even!
Backgrounds for wall displays but this is what
I chose to do this time....

Gail also sent me these 2 wonderful 
New Products 
Maya Road 'Vintage' Wood Doily's

I love these Lazier Cut Doily's!!

And this adorable Tin Heart Pan!!!
So being the main elements used in this
Project, I had an assortment of 
Vintage Faux Pearls.
Using Ranger's Glossy Accents
I put a layer of the Glossy Accents all over
the bottom of the Tin Heart and

filled the Tin Heart with the Pearls:)
Doesn't take long for the Glossy Accents
to dry, with a not too thick layer to
adhere the pearls.

Next was the Maya Road Wood Doily

Using ('Mr. Tim's':)
 Tim Holtz 'Distress Stain' 
(which Gail also offers in her shop:)
I coloured the Wood Doily with ease.
I love these Stains, they're so easy to use!!

I then took one of my favourite Script Stamps
and using StazOn Ink Pad 
I gave a gentile stamping
of the script on the Wood Doily.

Then using Tim Holtz 'Distress Ink Pad' 
Walnut Stain I Distress Inked all the 

So now, using the 7gypsies Book Cover
and the Maya Road's Wood Doily 
I added a Tim Holtz Metal Clip
and using what I find works great if
you need a little extra bond strength 
when glueing, 
Bathroom and Kitchen Clear Caulking!
It takes longer to 'cure' actually overnight is
best to really let the caulk set up, but it's such
a 'pain free' way of gluing something that
is questionable in weight or material.
In this case it was weight, because next...

I glued the Tin Heart Pan to the Doily:)

Then playing around with a salvage edge of
a Vintage Dictionary Page, I printed with stamps,
then used Distress Ink to rough up the edges.
I cut a piece of chipboard to back the little 
banner piece, as the Dictionary salvage edge
being Vintage you can imagine how fine the
paper is. But I love the look using the
Vintage paper:)

Then using the Ranger Glossy Accents again,
I glued the little banner to the pearls in the tin.
I deliberately made the banner wider so that
when it was mounted on the cigar box it 
would 'flow over' the pan.

I had this Fabulous Vintage Cigar Box 
( a gift of an assortment of them from a friend!)
That was already lacquered in the black on the
outside, with rich details of wood on the inside
(absolutely gorgeous!!!!)

So I printed up one of Gail's Fabulous
Digital Graphic Background Sheets
Cut it down to size and used an edger punch to
round the corners to match the box and the
book cover to mount to it.

And while the other piece was still drying
I worked on the inside lid of the box.

Again using Gail's 'Damask' Graphic Background Sheet,
I lined the top of the lid,
(I will explain later why I didn't do the bottom:)

Then I used the other 7gypsies Book Cover 'Roma' that
came in the package, and using the Glossy Accents
glued it onto the Digital paper.
Using one of Gail's Shipping Tags from her shop, I covered
the tag with Tim Holtz Tissue Tape,
then glued it to the top of the book cover, then

Using one of Gail's wonderful charms that she
has in her shop, this one is by Blue Moon
Angel Key:)

I glued it using the Bath/Kitchen Clear 
Caulking to get a good hold:)

Again using the Bath/Kitchen Caulking
I glued the book cover to the top of the Cigar Box
and there ya go!!!

Cigar Box Assemblage!

Now there's a reason that I didn't do the inside
bottom of the box....

Here's the reason:)

If you are interested in having my 
Cigar Box Assemblage
Tutorial Piece....
yes, I'm giving it away!!!

Then please leave a Comment
on this Blog Post, 
sign on as a Google Follower
here on my blog,
then go on over to 
and sign up for 
Gail's Newsletter
and leave a Comment on
her blog and
you'll be
Entered to Win
Tutorial Assemblage:)

Deadline for Entries is
Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
With the Winner being Announced on
Friday, February 24th, 2012!!!!

So I hope this Tutorial gets you inspired
to do some assemblages yourself!!
And please stop by 

To check out all the fun New Products
Gail will be offering soon!!!

Till next time!


Friday, February 10, 2012

$25 Gift Certificate Winner for Retro Cafe Art Gallery is!!!!!

Hello Everyone:)

Where has the time gone!!!
It' seemed like just last week I posted the 
Valentine's Cake Post!!!

But here we are, and I'm so excited to be 

Announcing the Winner
of the
$25 Gift Certificate

I always love making these Paper Cakes for
Kristin and her Wonderful Blog! 
And I always enjoy using her 
to add extra projects to the Cake Blog Posts:)

So here we are ready to 
Announce the Winner
And the Winner is!!!!


Woo Hoo!!!
(OMG! There's a Marching Band 
coming through my art room!!! LOL!)

I will be sending you an email Sandi to let you know
that you are the Winner and to arrange getting your
Gift Certificate to you!!!

In the meantime, 
I want to Thank You 
all for
Entering our Co-Hosted 
Gift Certificate Giveaway

I always really appreciate 
not only Kristin Hubick's participation in these Giveaways, 
but all of you who take the time to Enter them as well!!
I just wish I could give each of your prizes!!

So here we are, another 
Fabulous Giveaway coming to a close.
But there is more to come:) :)

Tomorrow I will be doing a 
New Blog Post with
Gail Schmidt

With another Tutorial Post!!
So do check back tomorrow!!

And as always, there are going to be more 
Giveaways and ATC Challenges 
and even more Surprises 
coming up over the next few weeks!!!

So while we wait for tomorrow's Tutorial Post with
Gail Schmidt of Shabby Cottage Studios!
Here's a bit of Eye Candy of some other projects
that I've been working on and are currently
floating all over Facebook!!! LOL!!!

It's my pleasure to introduce you to my latest project

'Oh Deer Aunt Alice'

LOL! As many of you know from my Blog and from Facebook, I have a great love for my local deer herd that I have been involved with for nearly 25 years:)
I have a wonderful relationship with generations of this herd, and have collected many fabulous photographs from face level which I tend to use in this 'Oh Deer' Series of my collages:)

Recently I also did a Journal Page using one of these photos

This is my Journal Page
'Oh Deer Tea Party'
(Grateful for the Graphics from both 
Graphics Fairy and Art Tea Life on Etsy 
and Graphics 45 Papers too!:)

The story goes.....
Ophelia, is Aunt Alice's Spinster Daughter,
who will never marry 
but likes to wear a wedding dress 
whenever possible....LOL!

I have been accused on Facebook, that this is probably
a representation of my home! Darn close!!! LOL!

As you can see from this picture, I've been hosting 
tea parties for a very long time!! LOL!!!

I've also been accused and it was predicted back in December,
 (by one who will remain nameless....ok, won't 
Kristin Hubick!!! LOL), 
that when my Husband purchased this 
Fabulous Glass topped Drafting Table for me 
for Birthday and Christmas, that it
wouldn't take long to clutter it......

I am publicly acknowledging that 
was correct!!! LOL!
Well at least the mess is organized!!!!
(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Being that this is one corner of my art room...I'm not
showing the rest of the mess!! LOL!

Well there ya go!!!
So here's to seeing you all tomorrow for the 
Tutorial Post for Shabby Cottage Studios!!

And in the meantime.....

'Make Life Your Own
Tea Party'


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not Quite Cake Time, but In The Meantime...

Hi Everyone:)

First off, there is so much to tell you all and to share that I just couldn't wait for the next opportunity, so I'm 'squeezing' in Blog Posts in between Posts! LOL!!!

And before I get under way here getting you all caught up
on all that is going on here with Birdnuts Mixed Media...

Here's a reminder that it's only 2 days from now, that
the Deadline for the 
is happening!!!
The Winner's in the Giveaway 
will be
Announced on Both of Our Blogs
on Friday, February 10th!!!
That's just 2 days from now!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
So stay tuned to find out who the Winner's are!!!
And you can still go to the previous 
'Cake' Post to Enter until Thursday!!!
So please do!!!

In the meantime.....:)

As you remember a few weeks ago, I Co-Hosted a
And we chose 5 Winners in the ATC Challenge
who received my Tutorial ATC's in exchange
for them to make ATC's to be Highlighted here on
my Blog:)

So here are some of the Fabulous 
ATC's that have arrived so far and I'd like to
introduce you to the Winners!!!!

First we have 
Monica :)
Woo Hoo!!!
This is Monica's First Ever ATC that she's ever made!!!
I am so proud of her first attempt and pleased to say
that she's a Sister in the Book of Days Project on
Facebook! Now called the Sister's of the Book!
Monica has a Blog that I would love to have you 
all go and check out at 
Thanks so much Monica for being such a brave girl
in letting me post your very first ATC!!!
It's absolutely Wonderful!!! xoxo
You Rock Monica!!! LOL!!!

And next we have another Winner of the ATC Challenge..

Rachelle Panagarry!!

Rachelle's ATC when it arrived just thrilled me as
it has so many wonderful layers of art which is her
trademark as far as I'm concerned, as I am familiar
with Rachelle's work on her Wonderful Website

'Art Eye Candy'

And check out the Beautiful Union Jack Card she sent it in!!

Rachelle also has a Wonderful Closed Group
on Facebook, 
Art Eye Candy Group!
So you can look her up on Facebook to get an
invite to join!!! I'm a member and just love it!!
Fabulous Group of Artists!!!
Cheers Mate! And thanks so much for the ATC!!!

But wait!!!
There's more!!!!

Next we have another Winner in the ATC Challenge....

(Now I have to Squeal about this!!!!)
Look how Deanna sent the ATC that she made to me!!!!

I was so confused at first, when I opened the package,
and there was this lovely card and this 
Hand made Book that Deanna had made!!!!

Totally Hand Sewn Signature Watercolour Paper Packs
and all fully lined inside!!!!

And just inside the front cover is this sweet pocket and inside...

Was Deanna's Absolutely Lovely ATC!!!!
What a presentation!!! And I'm thrilled, as I can
always use another journal, and 
when it's handmade it's even more Fabulous!!!

Deanne has a Wonderful Blog 
'A New Day Art Blog'

And I encourage everyone to go have a Boo!!!!
She's really a talented artist, and I like to call her
my Home Girl as she too lives here in B.C. Canada!!!
Woo Hoo!!! LOL! Thank you so much Deanna!!!
Love it!!!!:)

Now lets see......oh yes, last but not least of the ATC Challenge
Winners, (as I still have another Winner Annie to hear from yet!)
and the next ATC's to arrive were from

Mary Jane Chadbourne
Desert Dreams Studio!!!!

I am Gobsmacked!!!!!

First of all!!!
Look at the plethora of goodies Mary Jane sent in her package with her ATC's for me!!! A beautiful assortment of journaling and collage papers, and paper napkins, and bit's and bobs that will keep me creating for days!!!!
( You're an absolute sweetheart Mary Jane:):)

but look at this!!!

Hand made envelopes for her ATC's!!!

Isn't this just the Sweetest Valentine ATC!!!
And from someone who professed not to be into Valentine's!! LOL!
but not only this ATC, she did another!!!

And I must say that this Fabulous ATC is about
one of Mary Jane's Favourite Artist's and Muse

Mary Jane Chadbourne has a Wonderful Blog
Desert Dreams Studio

It's full of Fabulous Inspiring Information on what
Mary Jane is up to, which is stunning in the variety!!!
She's also going to be one of the Fabulous Artists
Teaching Classes in 
Artful Gatherings
(link on my side bar:)
this Spring and Summer!!!
Here's an example of what you will learn to make
in her class!!!

Wonderful Bracelets!!! 
With which I have one of these fabulous bracelets
and I am going to be taking Mary Jane's class this
Spring!!! So come and join me! 

So there you go! Only 1 more ATC Challenge Winner
Annie's ATC to come, and will make sure I post it when
it arrives!!!

Now lets see, what else is there....oh yes:)
I am now a
Melissa Samuel's Guest Designer!!!
And so proud to be!!!! :)

And we're going to be Co-Hosting more
ATC Challenge's here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
very soon!!!!
So please stay tuned for the next ATC Challenge
as this one has been so much fun!!!
In the meantime, stop by Melissa's shop as she has
Fabulous Sale going on all the 
ATC Products in stock!!!
Also all the new goodies arriving to boot!!!!

Well there ya go!!!!

Now get those 
Entries into the previous Blog Post of

Valentine's Cake
Gift Certificate Giveaway!!!!
And I'll see you all back here on
Friday, February 10th for the
Winner's to be Announced!!! 
Woo Hoo!!!!

And there's even more to come!!!
On Saturday!!!
Shabby Cottage Studio's 
Tutorial Blog Post to Boot!!!!

Ok, I'm tired now...LOL!!!