Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Have 3 Winners!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Well here I am, about to announce the
Winners of the 3 Tutorial Brooches
I made for 
Shabby Cottage Studios
for my 1st Tutorial as
Artist in Residence:)

I had great fun making these brooches,
and I'm so very pleased to be sharing them,
with at least 3 of my Fabulous Followers!
I just wish that I could give every one of you one!

And the Winners are!!!

Marilyn (Tarnished Rose)!
Cindi a.k.a. Erickson!
Selah Gay!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

I will be sending each of you an email to notify you
that you are a Winner, and request that you send
your mailing address to me in return confirmation, 
for me to mail the brooch!
I will say, any addresses that are supplied in any
of my Giveaways,
 I will immediately delete upon use, 
and not keep in future or share in any way
with anyone else, as to protect your privacy:)

Woo Hoo!!! Winners!
I was so pleased that so many of you were interested
in Entering the Giveaway for the Brooches
and have decided that in future Tutorials for
Shabby Cottage Studios
I may again offer the Tutorial Project
in a Giveaway again!
Stay tuned as in the coming weeks 
as I will be posting the next 
Tutorial for Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio,
as in the meantime,
I also have other Projects and Giveaways
with my other Fabulous Company's 
I have been so proud to be 'Friends' with!

As I will be tomorrow,
Monday, January 16th, 2012
There will be a New Blog Post
with a Fun Project for
That's right, an ATC Project for
Melissa Samuels
Tomorrow here on Birdnuts Mixed Media!

Wow, what a morning!
3 Winners of the Brooch Giveaway
and an upcoming New Project tomorrow!
So in the meantime....

I'd like to take a few more minutes of your precious time,
to share a few 
Shout Outs, Projects, and Eye Candy,
 while we wait for tomorrow's new Blog Post:)

The Holiday Season may be a Past Memory 
for most of us, but it's been still going on
for me here in Victoria, B.C. long after
the Holidays were over, as my mail service
has been so backed up, that packages are
still arriving for the Holidays!
I'd like to Share with You all a couple of 
Lovely Goodies that have arrived and
tell you a bit about the senders:)

Ms. Gigi Butterfly here in Beautiful British Columbia!
Sent a Fabulous Print to my Husband and Myself
From her Fabulous Gallery here in B.C.
I would love for you all to check out her Online Gallery @
And see so many of her Wonderful Art Prints!!!
Thanks so much for your generosity Gigi!!!

and I also would like to share with you another
of my Fabulous Artist Friends
Sherry Westfall Mathews
Sherry makes these Adorable Creations
and lists them in her Etsy Shop at
I absolutely love this Vintage Watch Creation
that Sherry made! The snow works just like a 
snow globe:)
Hugs to you Sherry! Adore it!!!

And I am just so overwhelmed this last Holiday Season,
as so many of my Incredible Artist Friends
so many of them on Facebook 
(and what a Fabulous Community of them there are!!!)

My Dear Friend
Mary Jane Chadbourne 
Desert Dreams Studio
on Facebook
Mary Jane makes a Variety of Handmade
Incredible Bracelets, and Art Boxes and
also sells on Etsy to boot!
I Love the Bracelet Mary Jane!!
Thank you so much for making it for me!!!

And I also have to absolutely tell you about
my BIAF!
(Best Internet Art Friend)
You all know her as
Kristin Hubick 
of Retro Cafe Art Gallery:)
Among the many things that Kristin so very kindly
sent me for my Birthday in December and the Christmas Holiday,
for which I am so 'gobsmacked' with, this had to absolutely
take the 'cake' so to speak:)
Kristin at Retro Cafe Art Gallery 
made arrangements with the Fabulous
Debrina Pratt of
Land of Enchantment
to send me one of Debrina's Fabulous 
Art Creations that I just adore!!!
Kristin knew that I have always wanted one
of Debrina's Lovely Creations and made
arrangements that both she and I would
have our own Birdhouse's made by Debrina!
As you all know, 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
sells a Beautiful Assortment of
Land of Enchantments
Wonderful Graphics Sheets!

These are just a Fabulous Assortment of what I call
From all these wonderful Artists who I am so proud
to refer to as my Friends:) :) 
Love you all!!!

And wait there's more to share!!!!
(LOL, Longest Post Ever!!! LOL)

I signed up this last December for a Fabulous

With my Fellow Canadian Artist Friend
Effy Wild of
Book of Days!

Please check out Effy's Wonderful Project that I am 
currently a Group Member of as it's a Wonderful Opportunity
to learn all about Journaling, and be Motivated by this
Wonderful Artist!
It's a Year Long Project! Which may sound intimidating, but it's a Fabulous way to keep motivated, and the 
Online Community on Facebook as a Group Member is 
a 'Happening' in it's support!!
Here's some examples of my journal pages I've created while
being a Member of Book Of Days...
Trying all sorts of techniques! From Watercolour Washes,
to Stamping, Hand Lettering, and Graphics use!
(Graphics from the Fabulous TumbleFish Studio @!)
And of course as many of you Followers have learned
I always have a bit of cheeky humour in my pieces:)
(Big Birthday Sock Bash for my December Birthday:)
And I've even been motivated by Effy's Class
to dig out my old Acrylic Paints from my
years of Decorative Painting and begin again
doing some of my own creations through Journaling:)
(This page spread is going back to my sort of 
'childs book' ideas, back when I thought I'd be 
writing children's books. Old dreams anew:)

So Everyone:)
A very long blog post, full of Eye Candy:)
And tomorrow another post with the
Fun and Fabulous
Melissa Samuels!!!

And again,
Congrats to the Tutorial Brooch Winners!!!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

You are so cute!!!! Thanks for the lovely shout out!!!!
xoxo BIAF!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Congratulations to the winners of Denise's FABulous brooches!
Denise I think you will simply need to forego sleep all together with all you have planned my dear. Go get 'em tiger!!

Mary Jane said...

Congrats to all the winners of Denise's beautiful work! Thanks for the wonderful shout out too!! xoxo

Selah Gay said...

AHHHH!!!! I'm sooo Excited to be a WINNER!!!! IMMA WINNER!!! lol Thank you sooo much Denise / Birdnuts Mixed Media! YOU ROCK MY CREATIVE WORLD!!! <3 Selah <3

Elly said...

Congrats to the winners...and you....are....amazing!!!Please don't let me miss the atc project...(:o)
Elly xoxo

Ann said...

congrat's to all the winners!!