Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And There Are Winners!!!!

Hi Everyone!! :)

Well here we are again!
Another set of 
Winner's to be Announced

It's always my favourite part of Hosting 
these Giveaways on my Blog!!!
Spreading a bit of Fun!!!

A Big Thank You to 
Melissa Samuels

for having me do this 
ATC Tutorial
to Highlight her 
Fabulous ATC Products in her shop!

I always Enjoy working with Melissa
and LOVE her Assortment of Great Products 
that she carries in her shop!
Do keep checking in with her as she's currently 
getting ready to start listing all the Fabulous New Goodies
that are currently being shown at CHA Trade Fair!!!

So! (GRIN) Here we are with the 
5 ATC's I made for the Tutorial Post, and
they're all needing homes!

And as I stated previously, in the ATC Tutorial Post,
I will be mailing these out to 5 Winners!
I got to thinking after the post, that the 5 Winners
picked will be sending me an ATC that they've
made each to be posted on my blog here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media, and after realizing 
how long it could take in the mail, I would
still love to have you all send me yours for 
my collection, but how about sending me a picture
first, so I can put together a 
Blog Post in your Honour!!

So here we go! 
The 5 Winners of the
ATC's Are!!!

(Confetti flying!!)

'Mary Jane'!

Woo Hoo!!! You all are the Winner's!!!
I so wish I could send everyone an ATC this time round!
I was so thrilled to have you all leave such Great Comments, and show so much interest in participating!!!
You all have me thinking 
about getting us together 
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media 
for doing a regular 
ATC Swap!!!
Leave me some Comments and let me know 
what you all might think about participating if I was
to hold a ATC Swap here on a regular basis. Or even
Email me at 
and let me know
what you would think of the idea:) 
And include any ideas that you have on a swap!

Well now! We have 5 Winners!!!!
Big Congrats!!! I'll be sending each of you
Email's to give you the Big News and
to get your mailing information!
And in the meantime, get those ATC's
made and photographed and emailed
to me for our 
Special Blog Post to Honour 
Your Work!!!

Woo Hoo!!! LOL.

If you're a regular Follower 
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media,

you know that as 
I bring one Giveaway Post with a 
Wonderful Internet Shop to a close, 
there is usually another
Fabulous Giveaway Post 
in the Wings, (pun intended:)
As a regular Follower, you know too, that occasionally
I bake Paper Cakes......
So do check back with me 
tomorrow as I will be Co-Hosting with

'The Giveaway Diva'
Kristin Hubick 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery 
Coffee Break Design Product!!!
So make sure you check 
back in tomorrow and
as always....
bring forks for 'cake' as
I hate doing dishes!!

Big Congrats Again
to all 
5 Winner's of the 
You'll be hearing from me shortly!!

And as always....



Mary Jane said...

Well, I am totally excited here about winning one of your gorgeous ATC's...there will be a special place of honor in my studio for it, that's for sure!! I would be interested in an ATC swap with you and yours here on your fabulous blog...count me in! Thanks again and can't wait to receive your beautiful ATC!! xoxo

MONICA said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited to be a winner. Thank you SO much!!! They are all so beautiful. I have never made an ATC before so you will be receiving my first one.

Tarnished Rose said...

I LOVE ATC swaps! And as you can see, I did find your blog address after all!


Deanna said...

Wow! So excited to be a winner of one of your beautiful cards. I will have to try to think of something special to send back.


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