Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

on Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!

But the BIG NEWS is that I am 
Co-Hosting with one of my 
all time Favourite People:)

Kristin Hubick


I'm so thrilled that Kristin was interested 
in Co-Hosting Giveaways on both of our

So here's the skinny:)

Like I've done before, to place an entry into the Giveaway,
Sign on my blog, (Right Side of the Page),
as a Google 'Follower' and then
leave a Comment on this Post and you will 
be entered to 
Win a $25.00
Gift Certificate
(If you are already a 'Follower' of my blog,
then just post a Comment and remind me
of it, and you'll be entered!!)


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery

Sign on as a 'Follower' on her blog,
Leave a Comment on her blog to
tell her you've entered, and
you could 
Win a $25.00 Gift Certificate 
from Kristin's Shop too!!!

2 Chances to Win!!!

As many of you who 'follow' my blog,
 already know that I LOVE
that Kristin has in her
Retro Cafe Art Shop!
This is just a sampling of some of the Great 
Coffee Break Design Products
she produces that I currently keep in supply:)

And here's some Samples of some of my 
latest projects I've made using 
Coffee Break Design Products:)

I made this recently with Kristin's
Absolutely a blast to play with!
The whole kit comes in a flat board,
that you break apart and then put together
and embellish in what ever way you want!
I lined this kit with Old Farmers Almanac
pages, after inking them.

I used this wonderful 'Inkadinkado' Brand Stamp
of the Koi, mounted it in the shrine,
Stamped and Inked an old domino to also
mount and added Kristin's wonderful
Acrylic Bobbles to create the Bubbles:)
Really enjoyed making this piece,
and I'm still thinking of it being 
mounted into a shadow box at a later date to show it off more.
The bottles are also from Retro Cafe Art, they're Mr. Tim's
(Tim Holtz) 'Idea-ology' Bottles.
I filled them with 'Natural' Real Vintage pearls and
real tiny sea shells in the bottom bottle:)

Once you start playing with Kristin's 
Her assortment is wonderful. With choices of 
little mini kits through to major project kits.
Massive Assortment of Stencils and other
goodies too that she produces!

Here's another project that I've used
Coffee Break Design Products
with, it's a Special Project as
it is for my Art Pal Leslie's 
Birthday, as she is a Halloween BABY!

I'm not a very clever Baker but I do make a 
wicked Paper Cake!

Ta Da!
(Don't tell Leslie!!! Grin)

My Halloween Birthday Cake has been a great
pleasure making, and I used a ton of
Coffee Break Design Products all over it!

The top, is another great kit of Kristin's made of
masonite so it's really easy to put together and
to embellish:)
I even used her 'ballerina' that she has in her
shop, and altered the lovely blue colour that
she comes in to black and glitter purple!
And of course, no project of mine could
go without my favourite Alphabet Beads
that you will also find in Retro Cafe Arts Shop!

I just kept layering embellishments onto
this thing, having the best time making
it over the top for my Art Pal Les!
(Spider Web Cut-Outs of Kristin's
embellished with a silver Sharpie!
That was quick and easy!)

( So don't tell Leslie her Birthday Cake is ready:)

So there ya go!
Some new project ideas for you, and 
Chance of Winning $25.00 Gift Certificate
to Retro Cafe Art to boot!

The Giveaway is going to run until October 15th, 2011
with the Winner to be Announced on October 16th, 2011

So jump on board, Sign on as a Google 'Follower'
Leave a Comment on this Post and you're Entered!
Then jump over to Kristin's Blog
Join on and Leave a Comment and you'll be
Entered in her Giveaway as well!!!

And as a side note:) Kristin also has another Contest
Going, ( I refer to her affectionately as the 'Contest Diva':)
time to make something and enter into her Contest
as it too is open until October 14th! 

So there's your homework class! LOL
Lot's to do and have fun doing!
Wishing you all lots of luck in the Giveaway,
I'm thrilled to be doing another one!
And let all your friends know so they can enter too!
Spread the Love!!!


It's late Saturday Night and I'm thrilled with all of your wonderful comments and signing on as 'follower's 
You all have made my weekend, so I just have one more thing to say.....
I hope you all brought forks, 'cause I'm not doing the dishes!!!