Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shrine Contest Entry:) for Retro Cafe Art:)

Hello Everyone:)
Well, in my last post just last Thursday,
I had stated that I was attempting to get
some quality art time in my art room this weekend.
I'm pleased to report, that here it is
Sunday morning, and I can honestly
say I've worked hard 
in the art room since Friday night:) 
Matter of fact....I haven't been to sleep
since Saturday morning!
Yes, I've pulled a 24 hour art
(Husband and dogs quite happy watching any movies they want, eating tons of treats, and dozing whenever! What a great trade off for some quality art time!)
(I'm sick of coffee at the moment, grin).
But for all the effort, to finish up my
latest project, I'm quite pleased to show
you my entry for 
Retro Cafe Art's Shrine Contest that
Kristin Hubick is hosting!
Yes, the Contest Diva is having another
wonderful opportunity for all of us
to enter into another fun contest!
Go to Retro Cafe Art's Blog Gallery
(Link in my Favourites List:)
and there's still time for you to enter!!!
This is one of Kristin's big Shrine Kits
by Coffee Break Design
called 'La Guardarropa Shrine'
and you can purchase your own kit at
Retro Cafe Art:)
I painted the masonite kit, once I put it all together with 
Claudine Hellmuth's ,Studio Paint, Charcoal Black.
Then I took plain computer paper, used my favourite 
selection on script stamps, and used Distress Inks
 for the base paper covering the shrine. I again
used the same coloured Distress Inks, on computer
paper I had run through my Tim Holtz Vagabond, with
a 5 x 7 Cuttlebug Embossing folder, to create the paper
for the door panels.
The 'knobs' are Tim Holtz 'Hitches' that I like to
use as feet for these kits, but this time I also used
them for the door knobs. I used Glossy Accents
to set them into paper lined mini shrine pieces,
(also from Retro Cafe Art:).
Embellished the top of the shrine with 
a vintage watch face, and the word 'wish'
with Red Lead Alphabet beads:)

Then on the inside...
I took more of the embellished paper and made
bottle caps using the paper lining, to spell out
my 'wish':)
Further embellishment from Retro Cafe Art,
Masonite gears, (LOVE these!)
A small birds nest with a pearl, 
(suppose to be for wisdom, LOL),
and more of Kristin's new brass charms!
I love these charms, the great Brass Frame and Bee
from Kristin:)
(Vintage watch face with Tim Holtz 'Game Spinner'
and Red Lead's Beads:)

Also the cool Rusted Tile and the 
Brass Bird from Kristin:)

Then the back of the shrine...

I had so much fun making up these little
brass frames, that I decided I'd sign my
piece a bit differently this time:)

So now that I've finished my project and
posted it on my blog for all of you to see
something new....I'm off 
to enjoy some 'Husband and dog time'
for what is left of the weekend:)
Maybe even get a little nap in, and
watch some movies, and eat some treats:)
If 'they' left me any:)