Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Quickie:)

Hello Everyone:)
I hadn't expected to do a blog posting
this weekend, but I've had a great
Saturday afternoon in the art room
and decided to take a break and
show you the latest:)

It's another ATC Holder from
Retro Cafe Art
that I've put together since I still had
all the wonderful bits and pieces out
from the last one that I made.
And of course....bird related:)
As you remember the previous one that I made
that all the entries in Kristin's Contest won!
I've had a slew of wonderful comments
on these already, and even a offer of a
commissioned piece for holding business cards!
I'm really pleased, and have great fun making these:)

And a quick Shout Out for
 Kristin Hubick
at Retro Cafe Art Gallery as
she's gone 'Bonkers' with
I believe 3 Contests going all at once!
Please check out her Gallery Page
(Link is in my Favourites List:)
for all the information!
Also, while you're there,
please check out her 
New Design Team
Gerri  and Bianca's
Wonderful examples of their
Altered Art!
What Talent!