Monday, July 18, 2011

'Flounder Brain' Week :) :) :)

Hello Everyone:)

As you can see from my last post,
 (seems like forever since!)
I'm having what I am going to refer to as
'Flounder Brain' Week:)
I should elaborate...
Do not confuse the reference that I use occasionally
'Hamster Brain' with 'Flounder Brain'.
'Hamster Brain' is when you have dozens of ideas
for projects running around in your head, like a 
hamster in a wheel, but you're unable to 
pick one during this episode, so you become
overwhelmed with choices.
(Personally, I think it's a very creative state
of mind, and I don't mind those moments:)
Then there is 'Flounder Brain'!
I describe these moments, and in this case it's
been a week of them, as being like a 
flounder (fish) out of water.
You're on a dock, out of the water, only
knowing that you have to slap around trying
to find the water, until you finally find the
edge of the dock and fall in.....

The outcome of this, is that I have been
unable, to figure out what is my next new project.
I have a few to finish, but have been unable
(thanks to the real world), to find the time
to be in the art room....

So as not to make you all suffer from my 
episode of 'Flounder Brain'
I am posting this week a few pictures of
some past projects that I'm in hopes that
you'll find interesting:)
This is one of my collection of metal dress forms.
(With which I'm up to 5 of them, including one
life size model:)
And as you can see from her 'skirt' I had a 
flurry of creative moments making
bottle cap necklaces a while back:)
I do not profess to be into jewelry making,
but I do occasionally make these and a
few other items so I can play with the
vast collection of graphics I've purchased
over the past couple of years.
I'm also, as I make them, picking out
my favourites of each batch to assemble
a bracelet for myself:)
And as you can see, many of the one's I'm
choosing are bird related, (grin).
I figure over time, adding bits and pieces
it'll be a fun piece to wear:)
I encourage all of you to try this medium,
as it's a fun way to create in a mini version
for quick creative time:)
This is also a piece I made out of Tim Holtz
products, and some vintage bits for an
assemblage for myself:)
Also for anyone's interest, this is my latest
purchase to add to my wonderful collection
of dress forms.
I love all the details on this one:)
Although it's a different colour metal
from the rest of my collection
I just couldn't resist getting it as it's
so unique:)
So other than that, just some 'mindless' doodling 
this week....
So I hope you'll excuse my malay at the moment:)

I do want to acknowledge and Thank all
of you New Followers over the past week who
have signed on!
I really appreciate it!
And please feel free to leave me some comments
as I enjoy the interaction and really appreciate
your feedback on my projects!