Friday, June 3, 2011

So that's it for tonight! :) :)

So that's it for tonight everyone:)
More 'Spreading the Love' 
Posts over the Weekend 
to get all caught up....until then,
one last post of some goodies 
given to me this week 
that I can't wait to see what I'll come
up with as a project...
Cuban Cigar Boxes!
These boxes were from some
of the most expensive cigars
from Cuba and the quality
of the boxes show it!
And the smell!
This one is lined in 
Spanish Cedar!
I don't smoke cigars
but this smells wonderful!
Can't you just see little feet and other
embellishments attached:) :) :)

(Many thanks Jack and Jill for these goodies:)


'Spreading the Love' Part 2:) :) :)

Of course I could not  go into a 
'Spreading the Love' Series of Postings 
without mentioning
my Very Dear Friend
New Canadian Author
DorisMae Honer
Who I've been so honoured to call
my 'Friend' but also I feel is a part
of my Family:)
Her new book, 'A Tale of Spirit'
Is listed with Barnes and Nobel
and in the 
United States! 
But now
here in Canada!
It's also listed through the Publisher's
Website Outskirtspress at
(I'm sorry that you're unable to access the link by
clicking it, my security system doesn't allow the
links to go through, but please note or go to the other
sites listed for availability)

They've just added a download version of DorisMae's book
so if you're lucky enough to have Kindles, iPads or
any other reading techie devises you now can
download a copy of DorisMae's book!

It's an interesting read, very inspiring and well written.
She's been very forthcoming and sincere in her
views of life, spirituality, and antidotes of 
how to cope with life, view life, and experience life
to the fullest. And even if you don't agree with her
presentation of Universal Spirit, she's written in such a 
way to 'share' not dictate, her life's journey, and other's
inspirational journey's that can't help but inspire us all.
You can also find DorisMae Honer and her book
and have access to contact her personally:)
I hope you all will check into this and
contact DorisMae to have wonderful
soul filling discussions with this 
wonderful Mentor!

Love ya DorisMae:)


'Spreading the Love' Part 2:) :)

Well I must tell you all,
I'm so pleased to give a 
'Shout Out'
to a Fantastic Internet Company 

When to my surprise this week,
when I contacted Lorna Hankin of
Finchley Paper Arts
 to purchase
a Great Vintage Find,
 it turns out that this 
Internationally Known Company 
is right here in my own backyard
in Victoria, B.C. Canada!!
I'm just so excited!

Finchley Paper Arts Internet Shop
is Proudly Listed in my Favourites List,
Lorna has just finished being an 
Exhibitor at the 
National Stationary Show
in New York City last month!
Here's pictures of her booth!!!

What 'Eye Candy'!
But wait until you go to her 
Internet Shop!
(Link in Favourites List)
She's offering a 
Brilliant Assortment of
Wonderful Graphics and Product!

But I must share the 
Wonderful Vintage Find 
that I've just purchased from
Lorna's Shop

This beautiful Printer's Tray 
that I've just purchased from
Finchley Paper Arts
is something really Special and Unique!
Other than the fact that it's absolutely
Vintage and Beautiful...
With great patina and bells and whistles,
(check out the great paper attached!)
But here's what is so Special!
It's only 1/3 the size of a regular Printers Tray!
Please go check out her Shop and Gallery
of how she's used her own Fantastic Art Work
to embellish these wonderful Printers Trays!
(Although I should keep it a secret, (grin),
otherwise she'll run out of them!!!)

And her ARTWORK!!
Oh, to be that Talented!


'Spreading the Love' Part 2:)

First up this Month

Retro Cafe Art!
Wonderful Kristin Hubick 
of Retro Cafe Art 
has just held a 
Great ATC Contest
on Facebook Gallery
and her
 Blog Gallery
with which the First Place Winner
received a $100.00 Gift Certificate!
And the Winner was
Gerri Herbst!
Her ATC is well worth 
going and checking out
in Kristin's Facebook Gallery!

But here's what is still happening!!!
2nd Place Winner is down to
5 Entries chosen!
Kristin needs us all to come
to her Gallery and vote
from these 5 Contestants Entries
to help pick the Winner June 9th!

Also, Stay Tuned! As
Retro Cafe Art 
will be Hosting more Contests
in the near future, 
(a little bird told me:)
So be sure to Bookmark and give a 
Thumbs Up when you visit
her Facebook Gallery!
(Link in my Favourites List:)


My 2nd 'Spreading the Love' Blog Posts!

Hi Everyone:)
Friday night, here in Victoria, B.C. Canada
and I've been a little behind in blog
posts this week, but thought I'd make it
up to you by posting my 
Second Posting
of a Blog Series I like to refer to as
'Spreading the Love'
which are 
'Shout Outs' 
for all of my 
Favourite Internet Shops and Blogs 
that are Highlighting New Events,
or Contests 
or just plain old Proud of Projects!

I'm a very Proud Supporter of many of 
these Wonderful Internet Business's
who have shown to be not only 
Wonderful Artists in their own right,
but Great Business Women!
And I'm really honoured to
be referred to as a 'Friend' to
many of them!

So, if I may, I hope you'll go to my Favourites List
to check out these Great Internet Shops and Blogs
this weekend and enjoy their Features and 
Wonderful 'Eye Candy'!

I'll list each one as an individual post, as
there is a lot of uploading of information,
so keep checking back throughout the
evening and weekend to be updated:)