Monday, May 2, 2011

While waiting for Part 3 of my ATC Project:)

Here's another one of my 
Framed Collage Mixed Media Pieces
in my 'Oh Deer' Series
I call 'Oh Deer Dilemma'
(Please excuse the poor quality photo, still trying
to learn how to take photos with reflecting glass)
Here it is out of the frame so you can
see the details.
As you can read, you can see 
what the dilemma was:) :) :)
(quick note:)
Bubbie my favourite deer that I refer to on my blog isn't my only 'tame' friend:)
here's just some of Bubbie's family of deer that 
come to our home and neighbour's each day:)
The one in the middle with the antlers is
'Big Boy' the 'father' of the herd.
(Bubbie on the right hand side, had to
wash my lens after this photo session:)
At certain times, we have as many as 22
come for treats, and at this Springs count,
5 generations:)
And yes, I've been tracking all of them for
nearly 24 years!
A great hobby:)

3 Part Project - ATC Holder -Part 2:)

3 Part Project continued...

Part 2
7gypsies 'Mini ATC Library Drawer'

Hello again:)
So, in Part 1 of my project, 
I used the ATC Holder that I purchased
from Retro Cafe Art
(And again, thanks Kristin:)

In Part 2, I'll be using the
7gypsies 'Mini ATC Library Drawer'
that I purchased from
Blue Moon Scrapbooking
(Thanks to Scott and Family!)

I started out with the blank 7gypsies
'Mini ATC Library Drawer'
I gave it a quick light sanding to give it some 'tooth'.
Then I took heavy weight scrap book paper and 
using Matte Gel Medium, glued paper to cover the
outside of the Library Drawer.
(In this example, I used 'My Mind's Eye' Paper
'Stella and Rose' a new line of papers by 'My Mind's Eye' 
that I'm currently enjoying using, also purchased 
from Blue Moon Scrapbooking:)

After it was all covered on the 'outside' of the
Library Drawer, I then used
Tim Holtz Distress Ink, 'Walnut Stain'
to ink all of the corners and edges to 
give it a 'used grungy look'.

As you know from Part 1, 
I enjoyed adding feet to the ATC Holder, 
well, in Part 2, I really enjoyed this part:) :) :)

One of my favourite things to do is go 'digging' 
at local Salvage Shops with my Pal-in-Art Leslie:)

(I'll be showcasing some of Leslie's great
Art Pieces periodically in my blog, as I am
'gobsmacked' by her talents!)

In one of our 'digs', 
I found these great solid brass nobs from an old dresser. 
They make great feet for my project as they
are decorative yet, 
 have a flat surface so the
Library Drawer will be stable.

My 'trick' for applying them is a wonderful product
that Leslie showed me to use for many such ways
of applying metal to surfaces to get them to stick.
Clear Bathroom and Kitchen Caulking!
( I buy this stuff practically by the case!)
Just make sure you use it in a well ventilated room!
(I learned the hard way, cough, cough:)
Once the caulking had dried....

I embellished the top edge of the 
Mini ATC Library Drawer
with this beautiful cotton vintage inspired lace
that I purchased from Melissa Samuels at
(Thank you Melissa:)

(Locally, here in Victoria, B.C. you can
also find this wonderful lace and great
scrapbooking papers and supplies at
Scrapbook Parade!
Link in my favourites list, Thanks Carol:)

I used Matte Accents, by Inkssentials to attach,
and used clothes pins to hold in place until it dried.

On the inside of the Library Drawer, I used a
new product, that I'm really enjoying thinking
up other uses for, as it's very cool how it dries.
Again from Retro Cafe Art:)
I purchased 
'No-Prep' Metal Paint from DecoArt
This paint is so cool, as it dries, there are
no brush strokes or blemishes!
I chose the gold colour to highlight the grungy parts 
on the outside of the piece.
Again, use this in a well ventilated area!
But it dries fast, and really is a forgiving paint
to use!

The finished piece of Part 2 
of my 3 Part Project.
I decided not to embellish it further, and 
in Part 3 of my project you'll see why:)
Please check back to see the rest of 
the Project, and do try this at home:) :)