Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 'Oh Deer' Series....

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've found that I tend to work in 'series'. What ever the medium, I get motivated to make groups of the medium. These are examples of my 'Oh Deer' Series of collages, some are boxed into frames, and some are what I refer to as 'Story Boards' a fraise that I now use for a collection of my works.

This is my framed collage piece that is called 
'Oh Deer Garden Chaos'
(I will list the wonderful shops that I've purchased some of these graphics from, mixed with my own photographs, (Bubbie at 6 months of age:) :) :)

This one is called 'Oh Deer Tightrope Walker' I enjoyed playing with the metal incorporated into this piece. Also the feather in her cap is another one salvaged from our menagerie of pet birds:)
And another, called 'Oh Deer Garden Party'
This is an example of one of my 'Story Boards'

These are a few examples of one of my many series that I've produced, more to come later:) In the meantime I'd like to give credit and thanks to a few of the many Internet Shops and Etsy Shops that I have spent time with purchasing graphics and supplies from over the past year and have become friends with, Retro Cafe Art, Melissa Samuels, Itkupilli, Ceremony, Paper Whimsy, Art Tea Life, Altered Art Graphics, French Kissed, and many more that I will mention over the coming weeks. All of these wonderful shops, and the women who own them, are great supporters and wonderful mentors to anyone who is interested, and I am personally proud to have them involved and supportive of my efforts in becoming an artist:) :) :) 
Cheers to all of you:)!!!


Now that I have started this, and going through all of the pictures of some of my projects, it's 'gobsmacked' me, (you'll see me use that English phrase from time to time:), just how much I've made in just the last couple of about trying 'everything'! So over the next little while, I'll just pick certain pieces to highlight in different categories of mixed media, collage, atc's, etc, so you can see what I've  up to. first attempt at encaustic painting.....As you can see, (and as I pre-warned all of you, (grin), I'm also interested in wildlife and pets. As many of you who know me, they are incorporated in many of my pieces, including photographs of my own local deer population where I live. Many of the photos that you'll see incorporated, are of my favourite and most tamed deer, Bubbie.

 I won't elaborate now, but later, his story is quite something, and he and my relationship is a 'treasured' one in my life. This canvas was a delight for me, and working in wax was a blast!

I particularly enjoyed the layering of fabrics and papers and encourage anyone to give it a try! 

Enjoy! And as I always say, Try it All!!