Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Bit of the Holidays for 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hello Everyone:)
Well here it is December 27th, and Christmas and Boxing Day have come and gone already! It seemed like it took forever for the
Holidays to arrive and if you blinked, they were done!
I hope you all have had a Fabulous Christmas Weekend
and are looking forward to this coming 
New Years Weekend!

I've particularly had a Wonderful time of it this
December with all the wonderful successful
Blog Post Giveaways!
I've been thrilled to participate with these 
Fabulous Internet Businesses of

Retro Cafe Art Gallery:)


Melissa Samuels:)


Shabby Cottage Studios:)

Along with many other Wonderful Shops
that I have been able to bring to your attention
for their great selection of arts and crafts goodies, and all the 
Fabulous Artists and their Products!

I've only had my blog here at
Birdnuts Mixed Media
since April of this year, and I'm
at how quickly and how many of
you all have signed on to 'Follow'
and I really appreciate all your
Fabulous Comments!
You have no idea how much it
all means to me!!

This December was a Special one for me this year
as I had my 55th Birthday this year and have
had a Wonderful time of it with all sorts of
Fabulous 'Friends' on Facebook showing me
so much love and attention!
Kristin Hubick 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery 
even made me a 'Discount Coupon' for the
Day on my Birthday in her Shop!
What a Hoot!!!
Not many people can say they were
a Coupon! LOL

My Wonderful Husband also totally
made this Birthday a Fabulous one for me:)
All the cake I could eat!!!
(Chocolate of course!)
A Fabulous new Glass Topped
Drafting Table!
All Powder Coated Steel with slots and
drawers and even the matching rolling cart...

and matching chair:)
What a Wonderful Guy!!!

And socks too!
These are Artists Socks 
from Wonderful
Paper Whimsey!
(Picture is linked:) LOL!
At 55 years old I nearly put my back out taking this
shot in the Art Room, but wanted you to see
how cool these socks are!! LOL.

Anyway, in Honour of this being the 
End of the Year
and it being such a 
Fabulous Successful one!
Here's my last 
Project for the Season.
Just a quickie, as Starting on my next Blog Post on 
January 5th, 2012
There is Exciting News 
and a Flurry of
Blog Posts and Giveaways
for the next few months!!!
(I'm going to be a very busy blogger!!)

So here is my last 
Seasonal Project for 2011~

Retro Cafe Art Gallery
Sorry, at this time of year, near the end,
I'm not 'baking' a cake! LOL

You'll have to make due with a 
Paper Mache Cupcake!
New at Retro Cafe Art Gallery!
Granted, on the Christmas Paper Cake
I used the Ballerina's from 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery,
but she just looks so cool 'dressed' in 
Red and Glitter!
The Top of the Cupcake I used a 
DecoArt Snow Writer and
Melissa Frances Mica Flakes from
Retro Cafe Art:)
Even sprinkled a bit of Real Glass Glitter 
over the top:) 

And you KNOW I love to 'bake'! LOL
So I'm looking forward to more 'Cakes'
in 2012!!

Well all my Blogger Friends and Followers
I 'Wish' you all a Fabulous 
New Years

 I'm so looking forward to all the
New Opportunities that are 
Currently in the Works
Birdnuts Mixed Media!

So Please check back on 
January 5th, 2012!!!
Lots of Fun and Surprises
in store:) :)

Happy New Year!!!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

The cupcake looks AWESOME! Nice job! I really like how you placed the pin in there! xoxo

Melissa Samuels said...

What a wonderful post!! You are very deserving of the attention!!! Congratulation on the success of your blog, and a big thank you for your inspirational projects, and entertaining posts this year. You are a true gem! I can't wait to read more of your adventures in your creating journey in 2012. Your cupcake is AWESOME!!!! You did an amazing job, as always! Love the mica flakes. XX, Melissa

Jingle said...

Beautiful cupcake project, Denise! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful season! That drafting table is fabulous! Enjoy! Happy New Year!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I LOVE those socks!!!!!!!! they are so YOU! Did you hurt yourself taking that photo? LOL Should I send chocolate?

Elly said...

Funny as always. Please don't ever change - there are plenty of people who are different. Love ya (:o)Happy New Year xoxo Elly

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a wonderful spot! So glad I found this one!
You'll soon have my Follow!