Sunday, December 18, 2011

$25 Gift Certificate to Retro Cafe Art Gallery Winner!

Hello Everyone:)

Can you believe it?
It's already December 18th!
Only 7 more days until Christmas!
But also, it's the day I'm 
Announcing the Winner
of the
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!!
But first I want to 
Thank all of You for
Signing on as New Followers
and Entering the Giveaway 
as well as all of my 
Regular Followers who
know I adore them already!!!

So here we go!
The Winner is!
(Confetti is flying all over the place!)
(Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!)

I will be Emailing 'Jenny' to tell her the wonderful
News that she is the Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate to 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery!!!
Big Congrats Jenny!

As always, I Thank and Appreciate
Kristin Hubick
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
for all her Wonderful Support and Friendship!

So it's only 7 More Days Until Christmas!
and I've been floundering all this past
week in the Art Room!
Hard to concentrate when you're excited about the upcoming
Holidays! And in my case a Monumental Birthday too!
It's my 55th Birthday on the 22nd, and I'm relishing
the fact that I may be becoming a 'Senior' on that
Day, but I will Never Grow Up! LOL.

And here's some proof of that point! LOL!!

Here's an Christmas Ornament 
I made of Kristin's wonderful dog
What a fabulous little face!!!
Couldn't resist even though I have no idea what
Zeus's take is on the whole Holiday situation! LOL!

And also a Project I made from one of Kristin's
Fabulous Paper Mache Hands!

Everything I used in this project came from
Retro Cafe Art Gallery

All the graphics, alphabet beads, paper mache hand,
trims, tapes, and butterfly die-cuts!

The 'house kit' was so much fun to play with
that as you can see, even the inside has been
all embellished with Kristin's Graphics!!

And I love the little Masonite Windows
made by Coffee Break Design at
Retro Cafe Art!

I had a Fabulous time making this project, and
as with the Paper Cakes, plan on making some
more of these hand projects in the future!
They lend themselves to so many ideas!!!
And as you all know, I'm full of those! LOL!!

So before I let you go!
On January 6th, 2012
Big News here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!
But here's some hints, (grin).....


and of course, a little cake maybe?

January and February 2012
are Jam Packed with
Fabulous Giveaways and Fun!!!
With lots of Surprises in store!!!

So here's to you all, hoping you have all of your
Holiday Arts and Crafts Projects all finished,
and ready for the Holidays!

This is one of my Christmas Season Projects
that I was thrilled to have finished to use
for my Facebook Profile for the Holiday Season
(check it out, and send me a Friends Invite! Denise Phillips)
I call it 'Oh Deer, Tiny Dancer'
This Journal Page I used the Fabulous Graphics from
Marsha Salyer Jorgensen 
Tumble Fish Studios
Deviant Scrap. Com!
(Link attached to the photo:) and in my Favourites List)
and my Original Photo of my favourite deer Bubbie:)

So there ya go!
Proof I'll never grow up! LOL

Listen Everyone,
I wish you all with all my heart a
Fabulous Holiday Season
to you and yours!

And don't forget to check back often as
you never know what's going on here on

Happy Holidays!!!



Robin Swederske said...

Great stuff! Happy Holidays!

Jenny said...

Oh wow Denise... I am so thrilled to have won the gift certificate for Kristin's fabulous shop... I LOVE visiting there... thank you SO much... you really made my day... doing a little happy dance here :)
And LOVE LOVE LOVE your paper mache hand... that is so cool inside the house... your blog really is a visual treat with all its deliciousness...
Happy Holidays to you too... hope it is joy filled...

Jenny xxx

Ann said...

congratulations Jenny!!!
wishing you a wonderful holiday Denise!!

Gaby Bee said...

Best wishes for the festive season. Hope it’s a fabulous Christmas for you and yours! Health, Happiness and may all of your dreams come true for 2012!

Gaby xo