Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shabby Cottage Studio Gift Certificate Winner!

Greetings Everyone:)
Hope you all had a Fabulous
Thanksgiving Holiday to
all of my Followers in
the U.S.!
And a Wonderful Weekend for 
all the Rest of Us! 

So here we are!

Well these are always the blog posts I love and hate.
I alway enjoy passing out the Giveaway Treats
but always hate to see a Giveaway come to an end
as I enjoy doing these Giveaways with such
Wonderful Shop Owners like 
Gail Schmidt
Shabby Cottage Studio!
And if you don't mind my saying again,
boy do I want that dress form in your shop!!! LOL!

So here we are, Announcing the 
of the
$25 Gift Certificate to 
Shabby Cottage Studio!

'Creative Grammie'
(Band is playing, confetti flying, dogs barking!! LOL)

Big Congrats 'Creative Grammie'!
All the Way from Hawaii!!!!
I'll be sending you an email with contact information
to put you onto Gail Schmidt at Shabby Cottage for
your Gift Certificate!

I am so pleased to see so many of you signing on as 
Google Followers from all over the World!!
I'm really humbled and excited!
( A weird combination for sure! LOL)
I'm doing Happy Dance's All over the Place!! (grin)

I want to Thank All of You so very much for 
Entering the Giveaway, 
and to also remind you to head over to 
Gail's Blog Post
at Shabby Cottage Studio to see who the
Winner is on her Blog Too!!!

But before you go.......
I have another 

 Gift Certificate Giveaway
coming on
December 5, 2011

And I'm not telling who with!!! 

For my regular Followers you'll know what the hint is
and for my Newbie Followers, you'll have to have to do
a little dig into past blog posts to figure this out....

Here's the Hint...

I've been 


(So Now the Newbie's know what the rest of you
have been putting up with! LOL)

So between today and December 5th, 2011
Here's a couple of other Projects I've been
currently working on, some of my dabbling
in Journal Pages....

I am finding that I just love this medium as
it's something you can do at a spur of the moment or
to make it a major project. 
This one is 8 x 10 hand inked, used vintage dictionary paper,
water colour painted,
cut-paste, and loved using the tapes!
Had great fun with this:)
But next is someone I want you to meet:)

The Lovely
Dyan Reaveley
Creator of
'Dylusions' Stamps
and a Plethora of Other Exciting Products!

Art From The Heart
Is Her Shop:)

(Attached a link to my Journal Page)

I absolutely love her Stamp Line 

and here's an example of one of my Journal Pages
using Dyan's Wonderful Stamps

They are a Blast to Play with!!!

So there ya go Everyone:)
Giveaways! Winner's! and 
Eye Candy!
And New Friends!!!
Thanks so much Everyone!!!
And Keep an Ear out for the New Giveaway
on December 5th!!!!

Now get on over to Gail's and See Who Won!!!



My Happy Place by Vanessa said...

Congratulations lucky!!!

~Vanessa W

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Denise;
Wow, I'm so excited to win this wonderful giveaway! Christmas is early for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dylan said...

yayy, thanks for the shout, love love love your journal page Missy..!! suits you to a T.!!! lol Mwah xx