Monday, November 14, 2011

And the Winner is.........

Hello Everyone:)

Well the day has come!
to announce the 
Winner of the 
$50 Gift Certificate to
Melissa Samuels Shop!
for Melissa to announce
the Winner on her blog
of the Wonderful
7Gypsies Product Package!
Woo Hoo!!!

It's currently 3 a.m. here
in Victoria, B.C. and I just
couldn't wait until morning to
post, so if you go to Melissa's
shop to see the Winner, and it isn't
posted yet, give her time to get her
coffee into herself! LOL!

I sincerely want to Thank all of
you who have entered this
The amount of new 'Followers' and
all the Fabulous Comments you
all have left are so heart warming
and I'm gobsmacked!
Who would have thought that
a couple of little clip-boards
would have generated so 
much attention!
I have with full appreciation
told Melissa to use my idea for
a possible upcoming UStream
class that she'll be teaching, so
for all of you who wanted to 
know how to make these for
either quick Christmas Presents
or for yourselves, keep an eye
on Melissa's blog for future details!

And I would also 'big time'
like to Thank Melissa Samuels
for all her 'fun' support of my blog
in Co-Hosting this Giveaway with me:)

Who's the Winner???
(Drum roll please!)

The Winner of the $50
Gift Certificate to is...

ferrellgraph-x !!!!

Congrats on Winning the $50 
Gift Certificate!
(I will be sending you a confirmation 
email, then after you contact me
I'll be sending you the Certificate!)

Yippie a Winner!!!
(Full discloser, 2 other entries were sent in 
by email as they had difficulty in posting a
comment, they were included in the Giveaway,
and a Random Generator was used to pick the Winner:)

Well there ya go!
Another Giveaway and Another
Winner on my blog......
but don't go away yet.....
there's news to come......

The 'Girls' and I have been busy
the past couple of weeks.....
On Wednesday, November 16th....
....yes, could it be....
Another Giveaway!!!

You all will have to check back on
Wednesday to see who is 
Co-Hosting here on my blog
and on my Co-Host's blog for a 
Dual Gift Certificates Giveaway!

That's right! I'm at it again!
And with a Brand New Shop
to Birdnuts Mixed Media's blog!

And I'll also be highlighting  a 
new project of mine
that I'm thrilled to be showing
you all! 

Well everyone, can it get any better!
Well, yes it can!
I have been currently working at many projects, and have arranged more
Giveaways for you all taking you
all the way to the Holidays!
I can't believe how many Fabulous
Internet Shops are going to be 
involved with Giveaways here on my blog right through to Christmas!
I will be highlighting an assortment of
Mixed Media Assemblages, Journal Pages,
and lots of other projects of mine as well!

Can you tell I'm excited! LOL.
It'll all make up for boring blog posts in
(Just kidding!)
But it will be a wonderful way to take us
through to the New Year!

So hope to see you all on Wednesday!



FerrellGraph-x said...

I'm so totally thrilled! Thank you so much! There is not a better way to start off a Monday morning!!!
Whoo Hoo!!! Thank you!
Kindest regards,

Dawnll said...

Congrats to the winner and how exciting, can't wait to see what you have coming up next.