Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holidays are Coming!!! More Giveaways too!!!

Hello Everyone:)

Ok, It may be only November 30th, 2011
But to me since  Thanksgiving is past,
that always means 
It's the beginning of the
Holiday Season

Yes I am shouting, doing a Happy Dance, and all

Now as you know from the previous blog post I have
an Up and Coming Giveaway happening 
but have kept quiet on who it's going to be with so
here's the skinny:)

December 5th, 2011
(That's just 5 days from today!)

Another Fabulous
Gift Certificate Giveaway
Co-Hosted with
Retro Cafe Art Gallery!

Yes with 
Kristin Hubick 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
who I dub the 
'Queen of Contests'
and the 
'Woman who's gone Bonkers for Giveaways' LOL
We're at it again!
Kristin has come up with a 
Fabulous New Line of Products
Coffee Break Design
So come Celebrate with Us!!!

So in the meantime since there's 5 days until the
New Gift Certificate Giveaway,
I realized that last Holiday Season I didn't have my Blog!
It's only since April 2011 that I started Blogging!
And look at all you 
Fabulous People 
who have
signed on with me for this Ride!!!
I am so Humbled and Excited that you are all Interested!
And I Thank You! 
Believe me, when I say I really Appreciate it!
I also have ideas 'cooking' for my 
1 Year Anniversary
So keep checking in, throughout the coming Months as
you KNOW my  
Anniversary is going to be 
Over the Top!

Anyway, since we have 5 days, I thought as most of you
have not seen what I made last year at Holiday time,
and to share a few of my Tags that I made last year,
(as I'm busy making this year's but won't get to post yet)
and some
'Shout Out's' 
for some of my other 
Favourite Graphics, Stamps and 
Arts and Crafts Supply Shops
I would post some of them for you now:)

The following Tags I made are produced using 
a plethora of Graphics and Stamps and Supplies from
the Following Favourite Shops!
Their Links are listed in my Favourites Listing.

Many Big Thanks to
Ceremony, Paper Whimsey, 
 Land of Enchantment, 
Tumblefish Studio @ Deviant Scrap, 
Art Tea Life,
and many more!

And Melissa Samuels, 
Shabby Cottage Studios,
French Kissed, Red Lead, 
Frantic Stamper,
Blue Moon Scrapbooking,
Blockhead Stamps, 100 Proof Press and
Many, many More!!
I hope they all have a 
Fabulous Holiday Season 
do check them all out for your 
Holiday Arts and Crafts Supplies!

So here's some eye candy to inspire you to go 
'Hand Made this Holiday Season'

And see you on the 
December 5th!!!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shabby Cottage Studio Gift Certificate Winner!

Greetings Everyone:)
Hope you all had a Fabulous
Thanksgiving Holiday to
all of my Followers in
the U.S.!
And a Wonderful Weekend for 
all the Rest of Us! 

So here we are!

Well these are always the blog posts I love and hate.
I alway enjoy passing out the Giveaway Treats
but always hate to see a Giveaway come to an end
as I enjoy doing these Giveaways with such
Wonderful Shop Owners like 
Gail Schmidt
Shabby Cottage Studio!
And if you don't mind my saying again,
boy do I want that dress form in your shop!!! LOL!

So here we are, Announcing the 
of the
$25 Gift Certificate to 
Shabby Cottage Studio!

'Creative Grammie'
(Band is playing, confetti flying, dogs barking!! LOL)

Big Congrats 'Creative Grammie'!
All the Way from Hawaii!!!!
I'll be sending you an email with contact information
to put you onto Gail Schmidt at Shabby Cottage for
your Gift Certificate!

I am so pleased to see so many of you signing on as 
Google Followers from all over the World!!
I'm really humbled and excited!
( A weird combination for sure! LOL)
I'm doing Happy Dance's All over the Place!! (grin)

I want to Thank All of You so very much for 
Entering the Giveaway, 
and to also remind you to head over to 
Gail's Blog Post
at Shabby Cottage Studio to see who the
Winner is on her Blog Too!!!

But before you go.......
I have another 

 Gift Certificate Giveaway
coming on
December 5, 2011

And I'm not telling who with!!! 

For my regular Followers you'll know what the hint is
and for my Newbie Followers, you'll have to have to do
a little dig into past blog posts to figure this out....

Here's the Hint...

I've been 


(So Now the Newbie's know what the rest of you
have been putting up with! LOL)

So between today and December 5th, 2011
Here's a couple of other Projects I've been
currently working on, some of my dabbling
in Journal Pages....

I am finding that I just love this medium as
it's something you can do at a spur of the moment or
to make it a major project. 
This one is 8 x 10 hand inked, used vintage dictionary paper,
water colour painted,
cut-paste, and loved using the tapes!
Had great fun with this:)
But next is someone I want you to meet:)

The Lovely
Dyan Reaveley
Creator of
'Dylusions' Stamps
and a Plethora of Other Exciting Products!

Art From The Heart
Is Her Shop:)

(Attached a link to my Journal Page)

I absolutely love her Stamp Line 

and here's an example of one of my Journal Pages
using Dyan's Wonderful Stamps

They are a Blast to Play with!!!

So there ya go Everyone:)
Giveaways! Winner's! and 
Eye Candy!
And New Friends!!!
Thanks so much Everyone!!!
And Keep an Ear out for the New Giveaway
on December 5th!!!!

Now get on over to Gail's and See Who Won!!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wonderful New Giveaway with Co-Hosting Shabby Cottage Studios!

Hello Everyone!
And Welcome 
to the 
Lastest Wonderful 
New Giveaway here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media.

This time, it is my Great Pleasure to
Welcome a Newbie Co-Host 
to my blog for a 

Fabulous New

Please Welcome Gail Schmidt
Shabby Cottage Studios
( Can you hear the applause and see the confetti!?)
(I have an overactive imagination! But I'm excited!)

I've been a customer of Gail's for
quite some time, and from past blog
posts, you've seen her wonderful
body forms that I use in my arts!
I love these girls!

So I was thrilled to find out that
Gail would be interested in 
Co-hosting a Giveaway!

So here's the details!
Sign on as a Google 'Follower'
here on Birdnuts, and leave a 
Comment for your entry here to 
Win a 
$25.00 Gift Certificate to
Shabby Cottage Studios!
then pop over to
Gail's blog at 

and leave a Comment on
her 'Giveaway' Post and
you'll have a 
Second Chance to Win
another $25.00 Gift Certificate!
( I wonder if she'd notice my entry??? LOL)

Don't forget, if you're already
a 'Follower' here on my blog,
make sure you leave a 'Comment'
to tell me so you are Officially 
Entered into the Giveaway!

The deadline for the 
$25.00 Gift Certificate Giveaways 
on both 
Shabby Cottage Studios  
here on Birdnuts Mixed Media
is Saturday, November 26th with
the Winners on both blogs
being Announced 
Sunday, November 27th!
So come and join us and get a 
chance to Win!!!

So here's my latest project, as you all know I aways have something I've made to post with these wonderful Giveaways using a product from my Co-Host's Shops!

'Sometimes A Girl Just Has to Bee'

I always have great fun with these 
Body Forms from 
Shabby Cottage Studios, 
and it's been such a pleasure as
I seem to be on a roll with them!
Using a vintage metal candle stick as the base,
And adding Graphics45 
wonderful papers from
their ABC Primer Collection
and using Crafters Workshop
Template 'chicken wire' to
cover the Body Form with,
a bit of 'fudging' with some
pens to create a 'bee hive' effect,
and a few brass charms,

and Walla!

Another 'Girl' to add to my 
ever growing Collection!

So thanks everyone for coming by
and get those Entries in for the 
Latest Fabulous 
Giveaway with 
Shabby Cottage Studios!!


And Latest News!
My featured Body Form Project
'Sometimes a Girl Just has to Bee'
has been posted on 
Graphics45 Gallery!
Thanks Graphics45!
I'm honoured!

Now get those Giveaway 
Entries in!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

And the Winner is.........

Hello Everyone:)

Well the day has come!
to announce the 
Winner of the 
$50 Gift Certificate to
Melissa Samuels Shop!
for Melissa to announce
the Winner on her blog
of the Wonderful
7Gypsies Product Package!
Woo Hoo!!!

It's currently 3 a.m. here
in Victoria, B.C. and I just
couldn't wait until morning to
post, so if you go to Melissa's
shop to see the Winner, and it isn't
posted yet, give her time to get her
coffee into herself! LOL!

I sincerely want to Thank all of
you who have entered this
The amount of new 'Followers' and
all the Fabulous Comments you
all have left are so heart warming
and I'm gobsmacked!
Who would have thought that
a couple of little clip-boards
would have generated so 
much attention!
I have with full appreciation
told Melissa to use my idea for
a possible upcoming UStream
class that she'll be teaching, so
for all of you who wanted to 
know how to make these for
either quick Christmas Presents
or for yourselves, keep an eye
on Melissa's blog for future details!

And I would also 'big time'
like to Thank Melissa Samuels
for all her 'fun' support of my blog
in Co-Hosting this Giveaway with me:)

Who's the Winner???
(Drum roll please!)

The Winner of the $50
Gift Certificate to is...

ferrellgraph-x !!!!

Congrats on Winning the $50 
Gift Certificate!
(I will be sending you a confirmation 
email, then after you contact me
I'll be sending you the Certificate!)

Yippie a Winner!!!
(Full discloser, 2 other entries were sent in 
by email as they had difficulty in posting a
comment, they were included in the Giveaway,
and a Random Generator was used to pick the Winner:)

Well there ya go!
Another Giveaway and Another
Winner on my blog......
but don't go away yet.....
there's news to come......

The 'Girls' and I have been busy
the past couple of weeks.....
On Wednesday, November 16th....
....yes, could it be....
Another Giveaway!!!

You all will have to check back on
Wednesday to see who is 
Co-Hosting here on my blog
and on my Co-Host's blog for a 
Dual Gift Certificates Giveaway!

That's right! I'm at it again!
And with a Brand New Shop
to Birdnuts Mixed Media's blog!

And I'll also be highlighting  a 
new project of mine
that I'm thrilled to be showing
you all! 

Well everyone, can it get any better!
Well, yes it can!
I have been currently working at many projects, and have arranged more
Giveaways for you all taking you
all the way to the Holidays!
I can't believe how many Fabulous
Internet Shops are going to be 
involved with Giveaways here on my blog right through to Christmas!
I will be highlighting an assortment of
Mixed Media Assemblages, Journal Pages,
and lots of other projects of mine as well!

Can you tell I'm excited! LOL.
It'll all make up for boring blog posts in
(Just kidding!)
But it will be a wonderful way to take us
through to the New Year!

So hope to see you all on Wednesday!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fabulous New Gift Certificate Giveaway!!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you all had a Wonderful and Happy Halloween!
It seemed like it took forever to get here and
now it's come and gone already!
Time flies!
But I still have candy to consume!!! LOL.

So before we get into the full swing of Christmas
(although, my projects in this post would make
some great quick Christmas Presents!)


I'm so very pleased to announce the latest Giveaway on my Blog...
(drum roll please....:)

Welcome to our Co-Hosted 
Gift Certificate Giveaway
with Melissa Samuels!

As some of you know, Melissa and I have teamed up
before to Co-Host Giveaways on our Blogs and
have had such fun and enjoyed ourselves so much
we've decided to do it again!

So lets see what the prizes are!
First off on Melissa's Blog she will
be giving a wonderful prize of
A 7Gypsies Grab Bag!
(Picture is of the one I have so products may vary)
What a Wonderful Assortment of 7Gypsies Products!

And here on my Blog
The prize will be a
$50.00 Gift Certificate
( You have no idea how much I wanted to keep this one 
for myself, LOL!)

So here's what you have to do to be
entered into both of our Blog

First off, please sign on as a
Google Follower here on my blog,
and then leave a Comment on this post
to be entered for my Gift Certificate
and also sign on as a 
Follower on her Blog, and
leave a Comment on her Giveaway
Post as well.
Then you'll be entered in both Giveaways!
If you are already a follower on either
of our blogs, then please leave a
Comment to tell us, and you'll still
be entered into the Giveaway!

Using Products from Melissa Samuels Shop!

Using The 'Printery Collection' by
Prima Marketing 
Papers, and
These Wonderful 
'Shabby Chic Treasures'
I came up with this as my latest project:)
Fancy Clip-Board:)
Using lots of the products that I purchased from
Melissa Shop, I embellished with pockets, and
flowers and bling:)

Even the back's have extra pockets for notes.

With this Clip-Board I used the
7Gypsies 'Aviary' Collection

Again with all the pockets and tags for notes:)

I love using the new 'Shabby Chic Treasures' Resins
They're so easy to use and so pretty in their details!
Melissa has a full assortment to chose from in her shop!
Flowers by Prima too!!

I even made a more 'masculine' version
using 7Gypsies papers and pockets and tags:)

I love the look of the Library Pockets by
7Gypsies, actually I like all of their products! 
Great fun to use!

So there you go! 
And After Halloween
and Before Christmas 
With projects to boot!

Giveaway on both Blogs
deadline is Sunday,
November 13, 2011
With the Winner's being
announced on 
Monday, November 14, 2011!

Great Product Prize and
$50.00 Gift Certificate
what a great way to get
prepared for the Holidays!

Have fun and get those 
entries in by signing on
and leaving a comment!