Saturday, October 15, 2011


And the Winner is in the
$25.00 Retro Cafe Art 
Gift Certificate Giveaway 

.....Well, (don't think you all are getting 
off that easy do you! LOL)

It's been a long two weeks!
But a Fantastic Experience!

With my Artist Heart, I want to give a Big Thank You
Kristin Hubick
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
who has been my Co-Hostess
with this Wonderful Blog Giveaway that
she and I both have enjoyed!
The amount of Wonderful Comments, 
New Followers, and for Kristin 
New Customers
has been amazing!
We both Thank you all so very much!

So Thanks again, and I'll keep in touch!
....oh I think I forgot something:)

And the Winner is!
(Horns blowing, confetti flyings, dogs barking, 
husband yelling...whoops, you didn't need to know that! LOL)

Congrats Robin on being
the Winner!!!

I have passed along to Kristin your name and email and
she will be sending you your $25.00 Gift Certificate!

Thank you all so very much for entering!
There's more posts coming up with new eye candy of
projects I've been working on
And I'll even be sharing a few pictures of
a Halloween Project that my
Art Pal Leslie has made for my 
husband and myself that
I just have to share with you all!
There's also more Giveaways and a possible
Contest all coming up over November and
December here on my blog so
stay tuned, check in, and sign on if you've
just found me:)

Till then, Congrats again to Robin our Winner!
and as ever...


P.S....if any of you think I should do another 
cake, maybe for Christmas leave a comment....
and please take your dirty forks with you!


Claudine said...

Would love to see a Christmas cake!!! Congrats to Robin!

Robin Swederske said...

Wow!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Reading your blog is such a pleasure and receiving a gift certificate on top of that really makes my day!

I'll make sure I have a clean fork for a Christmas cake!

Thanks again, Denise!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Congratulations to Robin! Did you say something about a Christmas cake? I would love to see it.


Gaby Bee said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!