Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Non-Halloween Break!

Hello Everyone:)

Well it's been an exciting couple of weeks
on my blog with the Co-Hosted Giveaway
with Kristin Hubick 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery

which both of us enjoyed so much!

So I thought, I would give a little break
to all the Halloween 
colours and projects, for all of our eye's 
to have a rest, 
So, I took on another 
Project Challenge 
from Kristin and
it's in conjunction with her latest 
on Retro Cafe Art Gallery in 
of her 
New Venture with
Land of Enchantment
Debrina Pratt!

I have been a collector of Debrina's Graphics
for a couple of years now, so I was thrilled
to see that she and Kristin have this 
New Venture together and
with this 
You all can Win too!

So here's my answer to Kristin's Challenge:)

This is my 
'French Peacock Shrine'
(and as some of you know from pictures of
my Art Room on Facebook, this is right
up my alley! LOL) 
( If you'd like to see, send me a 'Friend' Invite
on Facebook/Denise Phillips:)

I made this from 
Kristin's Coffee Break Design Kit
(Background sheet to display also one of
Land of Enchantments 
Graphics Sheets:)
I love these colours and graphics!
I also used Coffee Break Design's 
Arch Trinket Shrine and Fancy Brass 
Feather Crowns and of course
Mr. Tim Holtz Hitches as feet!
(Becoming a regular feature on my pieces!)

I so much enjoyed making it that I decided to go
a bit further with these wonderful graphics sheets

Of course for me, it's all about the Birds! LOL!
Debrina's Graphics of her birds have always
been a Favourite of mine!
But check out those mini crowns!
Teensy Tiny Brass Crowns from
Retro Cafe Art:)
I loved playing with this little kit of Mini Stand-Up Houses,
and my ideas are 'flying' 
on how to use more of them!

But until then, 1 more project I finished this
week, which I used some of Land of Enchantments
Graphics, and a Vintage Photo from my own
a few extra vintage goodies I've collected 
from Kristin along the way and 
also of course my favourite

This is an 8 x 10 Collage piece I'm calling
'Thrill Seeker'
( I just love that woman's expression!)
I photographed it before framing...

I mounted it in an 8 x 10 Shadow Box frame:)

So there you go!
I've had a wonderful week of being creative thanks
to Kristin's Challenge! 

So I hope you all will pop over to Kristin's 
blog at
and get your entries into her latest
Giveaway! Kristin is giving away FIVE Land of Enchantment Collage Sheets to FOUR lucky winners! All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog post!

And just a head's up....
more Giveaway's to come on my blog from
some more 
Wonderful Shops all in the works!

So hope you've enjoyed my latest flurry of
creativity, and hope you'll sign on as a 
Google Follower if you aren't already one,
and do come by and send me a Friends 
request on Facebook too!

It's isn't quite Halloween yet, so there's at 
least another blog post in the works to

So until then, as ever


Saturday, October 15, 2011


And the Winner is in the
$25.00 Retro Cafe Art 
Gift Certificate Giveaway 

.....Well, (don't think you all are getting 
off that easy do you! LOL)

It's been a long two weeks!
But a Fantastic Experience!

With my Artist Heart, I want to give a Big Thank You
Kristin Hubick
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
who has been my Co-Hostess
with this Wonderful Blog Giveaway that
she and I both have enjoyed!
The amount of Wonderful Comments, 
New Followers, and for Kristin 
New Customers
has been amazing!
We both Thank you all so very much!

So Thanks again, and I'll keep in touch!
....oh I think I forgot something:)

And the Winner is!
(Horns blowing, confetti flyings, dogs barking, 
husband yelling...whoops, you didn't need to know that! LOL)

Congrats Robin on being
the Winner!!!

I have passed along to Kristin your name and email and
she will be sending you your $25.00 Gift Certificate!

Thank you all so very much for entering!
There's more posts coming up with new eye candy of
projects I've been working on
And I'll even be sharing a few pictures of
a Halloween Project that my
Art Pal Leslie has made for my 
husband and myself that
I just have to share with you all!
There's also more Giveaways and a possible
Contest all coming up over November and
December here on my blog so
stay tuned, check in, and sign on if you've
just found me:)

Till then, Congrats again to Robin our Winner!
and as ever...


P.S....if any of you think I should do another 
cake, maybe for Christmas leave a comment....
and please take your dirty forks with you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Need's A Card With That Cake! '$25 Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY' continues just a few more days to Enter!


Well this has been a very exciting time for me,
having this fantastic 
'$25.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway' 
with the wonderful

Kristin Hubick 

We're in the home stretch, only a few more
days to come by and enter on both of our blogs
as the deadline for entries  in our
Co-Hosted 'Giveaway' of

$25.00 Gift Certificates to 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
is thru 
Saturday, October 15, 2011
with the Winner's on 
both Blogs 
being announced on 
Sunday, October 16th, 2011!

I have been 'gobsmacked' at the great comments
on both Kristin and my blogs!
You're all wonderful and very encouraging!
And I so appreciate all of you signing on as
Google 'Followers'

So, just a little more eye candy,
 as it dawned on me
that if you have 
Halloween Birthday Cake
there has to be a card.....

In my usual state of 'humour' (grin)
of course for my 
Best Art Pal Leslie's
Halloween Birthday
what would be more fitting than a coffin!

Just the card to go with that cake!
All the wonderful bat and spider cut-outs and
the alphabet beads are from
Retro Cafe Art!

'Look Ma! No Head!

I love the 'Brain in a Jar' Cut-Out from
Retro Cafe Art!
Kristin's selection of these 
Lazier Cut-Outs
for all sorts of Seasons and Art uses
are wonderful!

So there you go!

Some ideas for a Halloween Birthday Card and
some Cake....

Do not give the Coffin Birthday Card to 
anyone over the age of 60 as you are
liable to end up in it!

Now get to it! 
Leave a Comment on either this post
or the previous 'Giveaway' Post
and sign on as a Google 'Follower'
and you'll be entered in the Giveaway
on my blog 
and pop on over to
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
to also Enter and you'll have
2 Chances to Win!

So I'll see you all on Sunday, October 16th
to see who is the WINNER!