Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Old Ladies - Yum!' Halloween Mannequin:)

Hello Everyone:)
I know it's unusual for me to be posting mid-week,
but I'm excited about my latest project:)

Retro Cafe Art Gallery
is having another contest!!!
I've dubbed Kristin Hubick the 
'Contest Diva'!!! LOL
I have to give her a bigShout Out, 
as if it wasn't for her efforts to run
these contests, not only for her customers
but for anyone, it helps give some of us
newbie's a chance to spread our wings,
and gain some confidence and have
our projects seen by others.

So be sure to check out her 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
Retro Cafe Art Shop!
(Link's in my Favourite's Listing:)

So here is my latest project:)
Yes, it's another one of my Mannequin's!
(Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio where
I get my mannequin's from has dubbed me
the 'Mannequin Queen'! LOL
I've gone batty!

I'm calling this
'Old Ladies - Yum!'
(Notice the 'Victim' needing Help:)
I had a two day marathon in the art room, and
amazed myself at just how many Halloween
oriented art supplies I had! But the real shocker,
was I knew where they all were!! LOL
Most of the embellishments on this piece are
Kristin's Coffee Break Design Products, that
come already punched out on different surfaces,
like chipboard, or masonite.
The spiders, bats, bat wings and even the little coffin
are all Coffee Break Design Products, and are so
much fun to play with:)
(And of course everyone knows the '31' is Mr. Holtz's
number series plates, I love using these:)
The back side view, I loved using the Coffee Break
Design web! 
Between all the ribbon cutting, and making her skirt,
and the black fuzzy pipe cleaners, that was a day
in itself!
My husband commented when he noticed that 
pieces were straying from my art room to our
breakfast table, that this one was a little involved, LOL
And of course, used my favourite black alphabet
beads! I do love those things:)
The base to give it extra stability, I used an old CD
and glued the polka dot paper to it, it helped steady the piece:)

So there ya go!
Now, my wish for you all is to go make something
that is Halloween related and go to 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery 
also listed on Facebook
And jump in both feet into the
Halloween Contest that Kristin
is having!

I have more projects in the works, and
a few things I've been building in my
art room, so more posts to come!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Fabulous piece and such a wonderful shout out!!!! You are so clever with the "victim" in the web skirt! xoxo, Kris

Denise J. Phillips said...

Cheers Kiddo! I always have fun using your products! I loved the 'victim' too! She looks just like my grandmother every time I see one:)
Have a great time of it with your Contest!!!
They're always great fun!
BCAF! ox

gail said...

Boo! Isn't she wild! I love the bat wings and the little victim and the spider webs...aww heck I love it all! You da Mannequin Queen fo sho girlfriend!

Robin Swederske said...

What a great Halloween mannequin! Love the victim!

Jingle said...

Great job, Denise! The bodice is wonderful!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Everyone:) I like the 'victim' too!
Couldn't believe how many pipe cleaners I went through! LOL
Watch in a few months, I'll need black pipe cleaners for some project and I won't find any anywhere! LOL!
Thanks again all!!!