Monday, September 26, 2011

It's almost October, Halloween Month!

Hello Everyone:)

Well, everywhere I've been this weekend in the 
local shops, it's all about Halloween...
My house is now filled with tons of treats....
over a month to go, so you can figure out who
the treats are for, LOL!

But it's put me in the mood, so I've been
busy creating all sorts of Halloween oriented
projects, but dragged out a couple of 'oldies'
to post while I'm currently working on a 
couple of new ones:)
(Sorry, not the best picture)
This is a Halloween banner I made last year,
using tons of commercial graphics by K&Company.
Once in a while, their packs of cut outs are just
too tempting to play with. Not being into
scrapbooking, I have to come up with other uses
for these packs....

Here's a few:)
got a little carried away with the glitter....:)

Something about plain old black and white 
I love about Halloween...
although orange and purple too is fun.

bats, and fly's and ants...oh my:)

A bit of Retro Cafe Art creeped into this one:)
(Mini Coffin Shrine, great fun to put together
and play with some Resin:)
(Link in Favourites Listing:)

I love these plastic skeletons! 
I bought cards full of them and still need more!

...some people are scared of clowns....pumpkins
are pretty scary too!!! (grin)


Love the cat on this one:)

One of those moving pictures that changes into
a skeleton, I think I managed to get him in 
'transition' LOL.

I can say honestly, after playing with this project,
I have a new appreciation for Scrapbooking...
it was a ton of work amazingly, but a lot of fun!

So here's another Halloween Project
that currently I have entered in
Retro Cafe Art Gallery's

Anything Goes Halloween Contest
(Link in my Favourites Listing).
The Contest is running until
October 14th, 2011
and Kristin is accepting entries, and it isn't necessary 
to use Coffee Break Design Products in this contest!
You are also allowed up to 3 entries!
So here's another of mine:)

Halloween 'Peek a Boo!'
(This was actually started last year for a local
contest, but I didn't get it finished in time,
so it's been put away unfinished until this past week:)

It looks pretty simple right?
Well let me tell you, this project is absolutely
one of the more involved I've ever done...
take a black lace bra, 
Hand sew, ( and I don't do this usually!),
liner completely inside the bra.
(Love this cotton fabric of cobwebs:)
Completely hand sew lace and bling ribbon...
Stuff the inside of the cups with a really expensive
dyed orange carded sheep's wool...
(yes, I am exhibiting attitude! I went through
two full bags of my special wool!!!)
And the pictures don't reflect the cool orange 
colour that shows through the lace! Darn it!

The Black Chipboard Cat had bottles of 'Stickles'
all over it, and it took 3 days for it to completely
dry...but loved it's 'bling' in the cleavage:)
A few glittered spider's here and there,
and some bling lettering, and walla!

An Art Room note....Storage Ideas:)

I have a plain white tall storage cupboard to
the right of my art desk, and the blank space
kept my imagination running wild with ideas...
so I took this vintage printers drawer and 
bolted it to the side of the cupboard to 
create shelves for some of my wood mounted
stamp collection.
(It's completely full now, and I'm needing at
least another 4 of these! LOL

And just above it, I made these cool shelves,
(actually did myself! Power saw and all!)
Using vintage rulers for the fronts, then
mounted some peel and stick cork for
mini bulletin boards:)

This I made a couple of years ago, and is an 
ongoing project, as you just have so much 
wall space...especially after hanging tons
of art projects, LOL~I love these shelves
and I'm quite proud of myself for making them
on my own! My husband was so taken that he
actually bought me my own power tools!
'Liberation!' (grin) there you go! More projects in the works!
(As I can never do without at least a couple going
all at once:)
So more postings to follow soon!
Till then, have a great week,



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Holy cow, that banner is the coolest! You ROCK the Halloween altered art! And I'm jealous of your storage!

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, your banner looks gorgeous!
Love your artwork. I'm adding a link to you on my sidebar.

Hugs, Gaby

Jingle said...

Wonderful storage shelves and your banner and altered bra are both fabulous!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks you all! Had great fun making both! Be sure to check back this weekend! Big News!!! Another Giveaway!!!! Co-Hosting with someone really Special:) :) With Prizes too! Cheers!

Robin Swederske said...

Would love to come trick-or-treating at your house just to see all the decorations in person! If only we lived a little closer to each other!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Robin! I agree, if we lived closer, I could join your wonderful group! You all could teach me how to make cards! LOL
Always a pleasure to see you:) Yup, Halloween at my house is a riot!! Noisy and full of fun!