Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bits and Bobs:)

Hello Everyone:)

Here it's only just the end of September coming up, and already Halloween is 'flying' all over the internet, and in some
cases even a bit of Christmas is already popping up.
Being that my previous post was a Halloween project,
(and as some of you know, Halloween is a major
holiday celebrated in my home:), I find that
I'm looking for something else to work my brain with....

Started another journal, a basic one, and have started
using some of my vintage photos as a dive in point
to get motivated. 
Seems it's the new 'thing' to get into, and I'm 
gobsmacked at all the talent and flurry of ideas
out on the net, so I figured with my huge collection
of vintage photos, and some of my personal family
photos, and my dry wit, I'd find a 'style' of my own...

In honour of my parents, LOL!

This one took days! Layers of paint, inks, stencils,
then tons of computer paper stamped, inked, cut out,
but my favourite part is the pen inking...great way
to relax!!!

Whoever this woman was, she lends herself to
so many different comments....I love her:)
The original photo is a beauty, and in wonderful
condition, and she is so tidy...(something I'm 
certainly not known for, LOL).

And last but not

I had fun with this one, but for the reason was the's from a great graphics sheet that I recently
purchased from Gail at Shabby Cottage Studios,
(Link in my Favourite's Listing:).
The minute I saw this chair, I remembered this 
photo and the hand placement, (ok, so my
mind does go to to weird details sometimes:)
so I played around with my computer to get
the size of both the photo and the chair about
the same, and walla!

So there's some examples of one of the projects I'm
currently working on...
And here's what arrived this week in my mail:)
My order from Kristin Hubick at Retro Cafe Art
(Link in my Favourites Listing:)
of my new Fav Rave
Dyan Reaveley's 
Stamps from England!!
Oh, look out world! LOL.
I've recently chatted with Dyan on Facebook,
and I absolutely love her English Humour
and Wit!
And I can't wait for some art time to sit and play 
with my new toys:) Great fun!

Speaking of new toys.....
My 'ToyBoy' that I married, and I just celebrated
our 24th Wedding Anniversary September 17th.
We spent a wonderful day together going to all
of our favourite places. 
He treated me to my favourite art supply store here
in town and then we went to Michael's Craft Store.
You'd think that the trip to Michael's was for me....
but, every year my husband loves to get the
Halloween Lighted Village collection that
Michaels exclusively sells.....
(an annual trip now,
5 years in the making....every year, at least a dozen
or more pieces in the the math!)
He had a wonderful Anniversary...
(I'm investing in ear plugs this year, as each of
these and all the rest of his collection are also
noise makers!)

We ended the lovely afternoon at our local
'Cupcake' Store and treated ourselves
to a dozen totally decadent cupcakes
that even the next morning tasted wonderful!

(Diet going on throughout this week:)

Well that's what I've been up to:) Have lots more
to share but will save for my next blog post,
as I have a couple of other assemblages and projects
that I'm also working on for the next post....

so until then, Have a Great Rest of the Week!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by, and do sign
on as a Google 'Followers' if you haven't already,
as I'd love to have you join me in this journey:)

Happy Anniversary to my 'Toy Boy'!!!



Melissa Samuels said...

Love your art journal pages! So amazing, and such detail. Love the layers. Happy belated anniversary! XX

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Melissa!!!
From both the 'toy boy' and myself! LOL

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

FANTASTIC pages! I love them all!!! xoxo

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh my, you werent' kidding, you guys do love you some Halloween don't you! :)
The journal pages are turning out fabulous and I'm wondering if you aren't having to much fun with them! I love what you did with the chair!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks all 3 of your wonderful, mad, kooky, great ladies:) :) :) Your feedback and input means so much to me:) Cheers!!