Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

on Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!

But the BIG NEWS is that I am 
Co-Hosting with one of my 
all time Favourite People:)

Kristin Hubick


I'm so thrilled that Kristin was interested 
in Co-Hosting Giveaways on both of our

So here's the skinny:)

Like I've done before, to place an entry into the Giveaway,
Sign on my blog, (Right Side of the Page),
as a Google 'Follower' and then
leave a Comment on this Post and you will 
be entered to 
Win a $25.00
Gift Certificate
(If you are already a 'Follower' of my blog,
then just post a Comment and remind me
of it, and you'll be entered!!)


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery

Sign on as a 'Follower' on her blog,
Leave a Comment on her blog to
tell her you've entered, and
you could 
Win a $25.00 Gift Certificate 
from Kristin's Shop too!!!

2 Chances to Win!!!

As many of you who 'follow' my blog,
 already know that I LOVE
that Kristin has in her
Retro Cafe Art Shop!
This is just a sampling of some of the Great 
Coffee Break Design Products
she produces that I currently keep in supply:)

And here's some Samples of some of my 
latest projects I've made using 
Coffee Break Design Products:)

I made this recently with Kristin's
Absolutely a blast to play with!
The whole kit comes in a flat board,
that you break apart and then put together
and embellish in what ever way you want!
I lined this kit with Old Farmers Almanac
pages, after inking them.

I used this wonderful 'Inkadinkado' Brand Stamp
of the Koi, mounted it in the shrine,
Stamped and Inked an old domino to also
mount and added Kristin's wonderful
Acrylic Bobbles to create the Bubbles:)
Really enjoyed making this piece,
and I'm still thinking of it being 
mounted into a shadow box at a later date to show it off more.
The bottles are also from Retro Cafe Art, they're Mr. Tim's
(Tim Holtz) 'Idea-ology' Bottles.
I filled them with 'Natural' Real Vintage pearls and
real tiny sea shells in the bottom bottle:)

Once you start playing with Kristin's 
Her assortment is wonderful. With choices of 
little mini kits through to major project kits.
Massive Assortment of Stencils and other
goodies too that she produces!

Here's another project that I've used
Coffee Break Design Products
with, it's a Special Project as
it is for my Art Pal Leslie's 
Birthday, as she is a Halloween BABY!

I'm not a very clever Baker but I do make a 
wicked Paper Cake!

Ta Da!
(Don't tell Leslie!!! Grin)

My Halloween Birthday Cake has been a great
pleasure making, and I used a ton of
Coffee Break Design Products all over it!

The top, is another great kit of Kristin's made of
masonite so it's really easy to put together and
to embellish:)
I even used her 'ballerina' that she has in her
shop, and altered the lovely blue colour that
she comes in to black and glitter purple!
And of course, no project of mine could
go without my favourite Alphabet Beads
that you will also find in Retro Cafe Arts Shop!

I just kept layering embellishments onto
this thing, having the best time making
it over the top for my Art Pal Les!
(Spider Web Cut-Outs of Kristin's
embellished with a silver Sharpie!
That was quick and easy!)

( So don't tell Leslie her Birthday Cake is ready:)

So there ya go!
Some new project ideas for you, and 
Chance of Winning $25.00 Gift Certificate
to Retro Cafe Art to boot!

The Giveaway is going to run until October 15th, 2011
with the Winner to be Announced on October 16th, 2011

So jump on board, Sign on as a Google 'Follower'
Leave a Comment on this Post and you're Entered!
Then jump over to Kristin's Blog
Join on and Leave a Comment and you'll be
Entered in her Giveaway as well!!!

And as a side note:) Kristin also has another Contest
Going, ( I refer to her affectionately as the 'Contest Diva':)
time to make something and enter into her Contest
as it too is open until October 14th! 

So there's your homework class! LOL
Lot's to do and have fun doing!
Wishing you all lots of luck in the Giveaway,
I'm thrilled to be doing another one!
And let all your friends know so they can enter too!
Spread the Love!!!


It's late Saturday Night and I'm thrilled with all of your wonderful comments and signing on as 'follower's 
You all have made my weekend, so I just have one more thing to say.....
I hope you all brought forks, 'cause I'm not doing the dishes!!!


Unknown said...

I'm a follower! I so love the Halloween Cake--it's AWESOME!!!

Cindy said...

Following you now. I have just started doing mixed media art and I am lovin these blogs and looking at eceryone's designs. What great
teachers you are.

windycindy said...

You are such a talented artist.
I love your work! I follow you
publicly via Google Friend
Connect. (windycindy)
Many thanks, Cindi

Bast said...

I follow you blog and love it! Your cake is just absolutely amazing. Really Spook-tacular job!
TFS and for the chance to win such a great prize.


vntgkitten said...

I just signed up, I hope I win

Birgitta said...

What a wonderful cake! Love it!! Following you now! Thanks!

Kay said...

I'm a follower and so glad to have found you. I absolutely love the Halloween cake. I have the kit you used for the topper but have yet to use it because it's been a little intimidating to me since I've never used these or the shrine kits before. Seeing your work has given me a little kick to make an attempt. Thank you!

Art By Wanda said...

I'm a follower now!! Love the atc shrine... way cool!!! I'm not a Halloween person but what a lot of work that cake was!!!!

Whosyergurl said...

Hello, there! New to your blog, but like what I a follower.
xo, Cheryl

Denise J. Phillips said...

Wow Everyone! Only an hour of so since posting and the flood gates are wide open, LOL! I'm thrilled and honoured to have you all coming by and signing on as Followers, and leaving such wonderful encouraging comments! Your'e all the BEST!!!
And I'm so very glad I'm inspiring some of you to jump in and try Kristin's Coffee Break Design Kits! Once you get past the 'what do I do with this' stage, your brains will overflow with ideas!!! The Kits lend themselves for so many uses!!! Enjoy! And lots of luck with your entries into our GIVEAWAYS!!!! Oh oh yes, keep the cake a secret from my Art Pal Leslie if you see her:) LOL!

Jennifer ~ Mi Vida Loca said...

Hey Denise, I just discovered you through Kristin Hubick's blog. Your work is amazing!!! I just signed myself up as a "follower" on your blog as well. I look forward to seeing more of your art. Thank you so much for the give-away and for the inspiration!

Ann said...

love your pieces!!
tried to "google" follow on the right sidebar..but it is not functioning! I did sign to follow with blogger on the top of your blog...don't know if that counts,but google follow isn't working.

Ann said...

google friends is working i've signed to follow on that!!

Cat said...

I'm a follower. TFS your awesome creativity! You are extremely talented!

Blessed Serendipity said...

I love your projects (especially the halloween cake). I would love to enter your giveaway. I am already a follower.


Lotus said...

I found you through the Retro Cafe Art gallery blog! Thank you for having this great giveaway! Your work is awesome! You have a great eye for details!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Denise! More amazing projects. Love the shrine. Those little bottles are adorable! And, I wish I were your friend Leslie. She's a lucky girl to get that Halloween birthday cake! I can't imagine the time that went into creating that! The ballerina was a most awesome touch. Checked out Retro wonder you like shopping there. They have great stuff! XO

smokeysmom said...

Awesome Halloween cake! I'm a brand new follower (as smokeysmom). I'm lovin your creations and look forward to more eye candy!

Elly said...

Oh Denise, i'm speechless as always. Your tart is stunning and i love your shrine design. I was just placing an order at Retro Cafe, as my pc turned down and as i came back, i had your message via facebook. Can't believe that i missed that! bring me luck!!xoxo

Denise J. Phillips said...

Oh Elly, I just can't help myself! Your German into English is always fantastic, the cake you've referred to as a tart lead me into a laugh that you've called me a 'stunning tart' LOL!!! I'm so pleased you stopped by again, always nice to see you, and glad you caught the latest GIVEAWAY!
Cheers to you!!!
'The Stunning Tart' LOL~~~

Denise J. Phillips said...

I'm 'gobsmacked' everyone! All these wonderful comments, and I'm thrilled to have inspired some of you!!! Make sure you check back after entering the Giveaway, and take some time to go back into my previous postings, there's a ton of different and unique projects I've done over the past few months, and would love for you all to see them:) Love the comments, you're making my week!
Cheers! and Enjoy and Good Luck!!!!

Beachstudio said...

I am now a follower! Love the shrines and that beautiful cake!

Michelle H. said...

I just became a follwer!!
Your work is amazing so creative!!
Love that shrine box!!]

Jan said...

I'm a follower and love the cool halloween artwork!

mzjohansen said...

I'm pleased ro have found your blog to join! I've a fan ofnRetro Cafe for a long time and now follow them on FB too. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I have a large wish list - so whittling it down a bit would be so much fun!

Wabbit said...

Woo hoo! I love your work and who doesn't like a giveaway? I hope I win! That cake is awesome.

Squiddy said...

I've been getting these kits for what seems like ages, but never used them with anything like the imagination you come up with. Love the inspiration you provoke.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

I am now a Follower of your blog. So glad to have discovered you.
Your artwork is beyond astonishing.

Unknown said...

I'm a follower and fan now that I have discovered your blog!

Terry said...

A new follower now! Love these awesome creations!

bitsnpieces said...

I am new to your blog, but already I just love it.

Stina D. said...

WOW-- a cake that's either too scary to eat, or too cool to chew!
I would wish that the ballerina is edible, so I could pluck her off and pop her into my mouth!
Yummy Work!
--Stina D.

Janet Ghio said...

The cake is amazing!! I am now a follower.

Gerri Herbst said...

That paper cake is trully delicious! I adore it. Your work is amazing and unusual!Thanks for commenting on my blog while I was away! take care, gerri

Unknown said...

Found you through Retro Art Cafe Gallery and now I follow you!

Tim Sternberg said...

I'm a follower!

Gaby Bee said...

What a generous giveaway! I would love to be included in your wonderful drawing. As you know I am already a follower. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Gaby xo

Steph said...

I'm a new follower :) I learned of you from the Retro Cafe Art Gallery. That cake is amazing!! Thanks for a chance to win such a wonderful prize.

Crystal said...

Wow,you are so talented..amazing creations!
I an following your blog(ginger) and i'm looking forward to visiting often:)
Thank you!!

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Robin Swederske said...

Your shrine is wonderful and so "inspired". And your Halloween cake is fantastic!
Your faithful follower - Robin

bockel24 said...

Great art, great blog, Denise - glad I´ve found you! And thanks for the opportunity to win!

Leslie said...

I'm now following....your samples are AWESOME!!!!

Barbara DeLisle said...

Love the things you create-always so wonderfully done. And a chance to win-love to.

Maggie Lind said...

I'm a new follower and your artwork is fabulous!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I am a new follower- WOW- love your work- the samples are awesome! I am a beginner in Mixed Media- need inspiration to create!!!

Girlsinthecraft said...

Glad to have found you thru Retro Cafe. Added myself as a follower. Love your work so far--can't wait to look further!

Claudine said...

Love love love your work, the Halloween Bday cake is so cool. My dad's birthday is on Halloween so we area always trying to come up with creative ideas for him. :) I'm a follower too.

Jacquerose said...

I am now officially a follower! Love your work and I am looking forward to "following" you!

gail said...

Wow Denise that is some kind of cake! I did bring my fork but I wouldn't dare disturb that beauty! :-) Now I am dubbing you anothrr title...Queen of Halloween!

Deb F. said...

I'm new at blogging ....and now a follower on your blog. You inspire me to become a mixed media artist!
Love the cake!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Hello Everyone:) It's late Sunday night, and just in the couple of days over the weekend of the Giveaway running, you all have broken all of my blog's records! I'm Gobsmacked! And Thrilled!
Your wonderful comments have me working away in my Art Room totally motivated for more projects to be posted after the Giveaway:) Do spend some time in the meantime, checking previous postings, as there's a plethora of eye candy that I've posted since I first began this journey just last April! Can you believe it? Only 5 months since I started my blog and look what you all have accomplished! Couldn't have done it without you! And big thanks and hugs to Kristin Hubick of Retro Cafe Art Gallery! Cheers to you all! And thanks so much!!! Now get your fingers out of the icing on that cake! LOL Enjoy!

Linda Kay said...

I LOVE those nature inspired shrines Denise. Great use of the products! I like you on Facebook and I'll be a new blog follower...thanks for the inspiration!

Cris Peacock said...

How fun! I love your designs!! I'm a follower now...can't wait to see what you do next :)

Jan said...

I'm a follower! The Halloween things are incredible!

Ina Good said...

Following you now...that birthday cake is gorgeous!!!!Your shrines are divine!!!!Happy creative hauntings for Halloween...Ina

Dirty Girl Art said...

New follower with fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

Following & just have to say the Halloween cake is fabulous - I had to pin it!

craftingwithstyle said...

I'm now a follower! Your work is lovely, I'm so happy to have found you!

Sonya Badgley said...

I am now a follower now that I found you! Your art is amazing! And thank you for the chance to win!

mitz said...

..ohhh my gosh.. the WOW factor is on and going full speed.. thanks for the opportunity
mitz_zee@yahoodotcom (follower )

Birgit said...

Wow -- I have just spent quite some time on your blog. Your mixed media art is excellent. One of my favorites is the Halloween "cake."

Anyway, thanks for the chance to win. That would indeed be a treat!

Lyneen said...

WONDERFUL SHRINE!!!!! Love the Halloween cake... I just love altered art!!! THanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!

Julia said...

What a fantastic artist you are!! Look at all this wonderful stuff over here! Thanks so much for everything Denise and have a great weekend!

Kate Yetter said...

I just found your blog and I love your work so I became a follower. Reading through all your old post is inspiring! So glad I found you and I cannot wait to see more of your work! Great giveaway!

Lorna said...

I've added your blog (that I just discovered via Pinterest) to my Google reader. Thanks for the chance to enter this fabulous giveaway!

jennifer said...

wow, your artwork is stunning. I have been wanting to make a cake and your's has really helped me in the planning stages. I am a follower now!

Theresa Plas said...

O Happy 100 followers Ms. Denise:) Thank you for all the wonderful eye candy creative. Will hop over to your pals for a look too.

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

I'm so glad I found you, your work is awesome!
That cake, I mean... WOW!

Lynn Stevens said...

That Halloween cake is so Awesome!!
Congrats on being featured on Kristens blog, its well deserved!