Friday, September 2, 2011

And the Winner is!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!
Well today is the day!!!
I'm announcing the Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate to
Melissa Samuels
Wonderful Shop!

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

The Winner is


(Streamers and confetti flying!!! grin)

So Cindy, please email me at
with your email address and I will send you
the $25 Gift Certificate to Melissa's Shop
as soon as I hear from you:)
I have confirmed with Melissa, that she is up
and running after the terrible effects from 
Hurricane 'Irene' 
that hit her region, so I have confirmed that
you will be a able to use your Certificate immediately:)

I want to give Big Thanks!
To all of you who participated in my 1st ever
Co-Hosted Giveaway on my blog!
You all have made the experience so much
fun for myself and for Melissa Samuels!
And please stay tuned in the next few weeks,
as I will periodically be doing Giveaways 
again with some of my other Favourite
Shop Owners highlighting 
some of my favourite products from them:)

That all being said.....
Here's a little sideline project I've been working on..
I've never made a journal from scratch before
but have watched many wonderful tutorials
on the net, so this is what I came up with:)
Great pad of wonderful water colour paper...
And a pizza box, cut down to size....
Hand sewn in my 'signature' packs of
the paper in groups of 4 sheet per,
folded in half and pierced the 
fold with holes for sewing..
I took a old 1980's National Geographic map on
and wrapped the pizza box with it, and proceeded
to paint, stamp, ink and cover it all with these
great cogs from Retro Cafe Art 
(Link in my Favourite's Listing:)
Tim Holtz Grunge Lettering
Back of the cover:)
And I'm using a 7gypsies 'Book Bra' to hold
it all together....

Don't know if it is a 
true journal, but it's certainly going to
end up being an 'encyclopedia' of my pages
when it's finished being filled up with my
art on the pages:)

So that's it for this week, and what an exciting
time it has been for me! I so appreciate you
all coming and participating in the Giveaway
and signing on for being a 'Follower' on my blog!
Lot's more to come to participate in and in turn
anyone you'd like to pass on my blog address to
so they can participate is much appreciated!

Have a great Holiday Weekend to both
my U.S. and Canadian Friends 
this Weekend, and to all my
other Global Friends Thanks so Very Much!!!!!

Look forward to you email Cindy!!
The Winner!!!



Robin Swederske said...

What a great start for your journal. I love the ants marching across! I'm anxious to see everything you come up with inside!

Cindy said...

Denise thank you so much!! I love the journal you are working on.

Denise J. Phillips said...

You are so welcome Cindy, and congrats again being the Winner of the Gift Certificate in my 1st ever Giveaway on my blog! Many thanks to you for signing on as a follower:)
And thanks about my 'encyclopedia' Journal, LOL!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And Cheers to you Robin! How's your 'Inky Fingers' LOL! There's a plug for you my friend:)
I've had great fun with the Giveaway, with more planned soon! So stay tuned!!! ox

Kim Dellow said...

Fab journal! what a look! Kim

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Kim:) Now every few hours I'm painting the watercolour pages with gesso to prep for some art! That and already making another journal, (totally different kind:) Stay tuned, more art project posts and some more giveaways still to come!

Gerri Herbst said...

Wow what a gorgeous journal...Never made one, so yours is an inspiration to get to it! take care, gerri

Denise J. Phillips said...

thanks for stopping by Geri! Loved you comment on the journal, now I'm busy painting the pages with gesso. I've decided since I put so many 'signatures' into it it's going be an encyclopedia of my arts:) Just finishing painting up the cover of another journal, (totally different), and will be posting it on the blog soon! So check back often:)