Saturday, August 27, 2011

Melissa Samuels Gift Certificate Giveaway! 1more day left!

Hello Everyone:)
Just a quick reminder that my 
Giveaway of a 
$25 Gift Certificate
to Melissa Samuels Shop,
has only 1 more day until
I'll be announcing the 
There's still time to enter so
check out the previous blog post
for all the details!
In Co-Hosting Giveaways, don't forget
to go to 
Melissa Samuels blog as well
(Link in my Favourites Listing:)
As she's giving away a Free
La Blanche Stamp
in her Giveaway on her blog!
(Details in previous post:)
Melissa and her family are
currently hunkering down
and preparing for Hurricane 'Irene'
to come through later today, and
she and her family have just been
through their first major earthquake!
She and her Family are fine, I checked!
So lets surprise her with tons of new
'followers' and entries on her blog:)

Hope you all are safe through the coming
days of the Hurricane on both our U.S. and
Canadian  Eastern Seaboard!
You all are in our thoughts!

Be Safe!

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