Monday, August 15, 2011

The 'Girls' just want to party! :)


Hello Everyone!
First off, this is going to be a multipurpose 
blog post today, to make up for missing
a blog post last Friday:(
(So sorry, but 'real life' grabbed me and
I couldn't get back to 'blog land':)
Above is the one and only picture I've 
manipulated of my
dear 'Oliver Howard' with
a computer program to play around with
pictures......he's 'devil' dog in this for

Now, down to business:)

I'd like to give a 'Shout Out' for
my dear friend Gail Schmidt, of
Shabby Cottage Studio
(link in my Favourites List)
who has been supplying me
with these wonderful 
body forms!
The 'girls' arrived today, and I'm 
thrilled to be thinking up more ideas
for creating further assemblages:)
(I'm sure Gail won't mind sharing this post)
as previously posted
Gail's wonderful body form from her shop at
Shabby Cottage Studios
was used in this previously blog posted piece
that is also highlighted at
Retro Cafe Art 
(also listed in my Favourite's Listing:)
as the 'wings' are one
of Kristin's wonderful products, as previously 
mentioned, and she currently still has in 
stock, so....
Please go check out both of these wonderful 
Internet Shops 
Shabby Cottage Studios for these great body
forms and other wonderful treats, 
and Retro Cafe Art for the beautiful paper
wing selection (as they also come in
gold and silver!) and check out
Kristin's wonderful selection of 
Coffee Break Design 'goodies too!
for these supplies that you
will be able to create with!

Now all that being said:)
A couple of quick journal pages
I've been playing around with...
The stamps that I used were from
the wonderful shop Redlead, 
I love their stamp line:)
And a couple of extra mini projects
I put together to add to the journal I'm
currently working on. I find that
I ping pong between projects but when
the 'creative bug' hits, I run with it, 
even if it means for something I'm not
currently working on, it gets put to the
side until time later on to add to.
(Love the birdcage graphic from Graphic's Fairy)
Used the tissue transfer technique.

So my next blog post which will be this coming
Friday, August 19th is something really special!
I will be 'hosting' a Giveaway right 
here on my blog, in conjunction with someone
really special that most of you already 
know in the industry, who will be coordinating
a Giveaway along with me on her blog as well!
I'm keeping it secret until Friday:)
So you'll have to make sure by Friday Night
to check in as see what all the excitement is about:)

So until then.....
Hope to see you Friday Night!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

You already know I love your lovely body piece! Oliver looks great! xoxo BIAF

Denise J. Phillips said...

Now I have 4 more of the body forms!!!! After I finish this next flurry of projects, I'll be working on the 'girls'! Will have to really push my creative self to come up with new ideas:) This is going to be fun!!! Grin.
BCAF! ox

My Creative House said...

Hi Denise thanks for visit and sweet comment on my blog, I have enjoyed visiting your blog and see all the wonderful and creative things you're doing.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you Anni so much for stopping by! Glad you've enjoyed seeing my blog! Be sure to check back on Friday to see the 'Giveaway' that I'll be hosting, and to make sure you get an entry in!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And BIAF....I love it that you have her on your blog!!! And Leslie love's it that it's in her living room!!! LOL!! ox