Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Filler Post...but busy in the art room!!!

Hello Everyone:)

Just wanted to let you know, that I'm currently
working on two major pieces to be posted later
this week, but in the meantime, (as I've been a
bit late in my posts), was my last post, (my entry for
Retro Cafe Arts 'Shrine Contest' which is coming
up to the closing date of September 2nd, so there's still
time for you to enter! ), was such a major project,
that I thought I'd wear myself out, but the two pieces
I'm working on now, will be just as involved and intricate,
so I'm in hopes of them being interesting posts for you all.

So I'm referring to this post as a 'filler' post, in hopes
that you'll see a bit of eye candy, and to update you
on all that is going on 'behind the scenes' :)

So, no, it's not Christmas in July, as I've been seeing on other blogs and such lately....

It's Halloween in August :)
(This is Jake, our Animatronic Butler, 1 of many of
my husbands animatronic collection)

There are so many Holidays and events in peoples lives,
but my husband and I celebrate only a few days
a year. Always our birthdays, our Anniversary,
usually Christmas, and the occasional Valentine's Day,
as we've been married 24 years this September, and
do not have children, ( or much family anymore),
but Halloween is one Holiday we both relish 
with complete abandon, 
and enjoy like a couple of kids. 
Our home ends up being the 'dumping ground'
for all things 'tacky and wonderful'
in Halloween decorations, mostly inside,
but outside in our yard as well.
My husband's collections of Animatronic witches,
goblins, skeletons that overtake our home each year
(some are as tall as 6 feet!), is always backed up
with his incredible collection of 'Michaels Craft Stores'
'Halloween Lighted Village' pieces...
( that's a whole other post down the road!),
but my thing is my collection of Halloween Art Dolls
and Primitive Halloween Dolls, that end up all over
the place along with every other Halloween goodies
we spot each year to add to our collection.
(Not the greatest picture, sorry)
But this is to prove, that I do know how to sew:)
Each year it gets hung up, and I'm always 
motivated to drag the sewing machine out, but
the last couple of years that's usually forgotten
about by December, (grin).

Anyway here's a couple of Halloween projects that
I completed...
From my Vintage Photo Collection...
I find I don't collect very many photos of men,
but this one is one of my favourites...
Can you imagine kissing that fur under his nose!

Halloween 'Story Board'
It was a fun piece to make, using all the great
Halloween embellishments that the stores fill up
with, and no matter how many boxes I have
left over each year, I always end up seeing something
new, and getting more for the next round of crafting.

Another little 'goofy' piece that I enjoyed playing with:)

So, behind the scene's, I'm also working on a few
'Giveaway Contests'
that I'm currently working out the details for
to host on my blog in the coming weeks with
some of my Favourite Suppliers!
 With Prizes
of Gift Certificates, and Products 
for the winners!
I'm really stoked about this, as I am not a
business, or actively selling my art and crafts,
but want to help promote some of the
wonderful Internet Shops that have given me
such great service, and great support! 
(As well as promote my blog with 'followers' 
as down the road, I may be considering an 
Etsy Shop, or something along that line as
I am being encouraged to do).

So do check back often, as I can see a flurry
of posts in the near future!!
Cheers to you all!



BIAF said...

Awesome post! I'm excited to see the art projects you are working on! Really cool Halloween Story Board too. I know I've been a bit quiet - been busy working on stuff for Create in less than three weeks!
xoxo BIAF!

Denise J. Phillips said...

My art room is alive!!! These two projects have taken over my art desk:) I love these creative weeks when life cooperates! Far too few and in between:) And here I thought you were having a holiday, LOL.
You're not only the 'Diva of Contests' you're also the 'Queen of Multitasking'! Thanks about the Halloween 'Story Board', he looks just like my grandfather in England, (who would be about 110 now if he was still around:). Same 'dead mouse' under his nose too! LOL
Have a great one!

Kris said...

What is a holiday? :).
That is a fab moustache!! xoxo BIAF!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,
a fellow Canucker ; )
thanks for the kind words on my blog....I to am a lover of Halloween and have started working on some projects as well...love the Halloween Story board.
Can't wait to see what else is brewing in your art room.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Yeah! Finally another Canadian! And I love the comment on 'brewing':) Very clever:) Thanks so much for coming by, and hope you'll sign on as a 'follower'! I'm having some fun 'giveaway contests' coming up soon on my blog, so stay tuned!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And to BIAF......if anyone deserves a holiday, it's you Kiddo! BCAF! ox

Elly said...

I love, love, love your butler (:o)) Elly

Anonymous said...

FUN! FUN!! FUN!!! Is your house the popular trick-or-treating place on Halloween night? It would certainly be a treat to see all of your Halloween decorations! -Robin Swederske

gail said...

I LOVE Jake!!!!!! Since it's just hte two of us and the animals we dont' celebrate to many holidays so I had fun with your "halloween in August!" :-)

Teri Calia said...

Love the Story Board, very well done :D

Denise J. Phillips said...

What a flurry of Comments!!! Yippie! I guess Halloween is a favourite all over!
First, thanks Elly about 'Jake' my butler, I am tempted to have him up year round, as he's only about 3 feet tall, and so funny:) When we box all these things up in November it's always sad to see his little face in the box...as you can see, I'm bonkers! LOL
Love having whimsy all over my home!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And to Robin, you'd never believe it! All this Halloween flurry at my home is just for my husband's and my enjoyment, and anyone coming by our home, as we live on top of a mountain, in a dense forest, in a retirement area where there aren't any children! Haven't technically had a trick or treater in our area for years, but all of our friends who have kids bring them by to see our displays, and all of our neighbours in the area enjoy the efforts! Usually, everyone else around us do Christmas lights and such, so they're lucky if we have a wreath on the door after Halloween! LOL Thanks for the comment! And checking in! Cheers!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And to Gail:)
We too, just the two of us and the pets, but it's my goal each year with my husband to make a point to 'enjoy' certain aspects of the season, it amazes me each year, just by doing this for ourselves, how others around us respond and enjoy it as well:) I'm all for making 'traditions' so each year we have things to look forward to and enjoy!

Cheers! And thanks for checking in!!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And to Terri!
Thanks so much Terri for checking in! Really appreciate the feedback! Love your work and entries to Retro Cafe Art!!! You're brilliant in your works and style! Really enjoy seeing it all!