Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Quickie:)

Hello Everyone:)
I hadn't expected to do a blog posting
this weekend, but I've had a great
Saturday afternoon in the art room
and decided to take a break and
show you the latest:)

It's another ATC Holder from
Retro Cafe Art
that I've put together since I still had
all the wonderful bits and pieces out
from the last one that I made.
And of course....bird related:)
As you remember the previous one that I made
that all the entries in Kristin's Contest won!
I've had a slew of wonderful comments
on these already, and even a offer of a
commissioned piece for holding business cards!
I'm really pleased, and have great fun making these:)

And a quick Shout Out for
 Kristin Hubick
at Retro Cafe Art Gallery as
she's gone 'Bonkers' with
I believe 3 Contests going all at once!
Please check out her Gallery Page
(Link is in my Favourites List:)
for all the information!
Also, while you're there,
please check out her 
New Design Team
Gerri  and Bianca's
Wonderful examples of their
Altered Art!
What Talent!



BIAF said...

Another FANTASTIC ATC Box! Love the wings on this one. And the charm you added to the middle! Love! xoxo

Denise J. Phillips said...

Need more boxes!!! Have a wonderful set of wings left....real Halloween looking!

Anonymous said...

Love the ATC holders! -Robin Swederske

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Robin:) I'm having so much fun thinking up ways to embellish them:)
Thanks for the post!!!

Jingle said...

Oh, these are so fabulous!!!! I love them!!!! I hope you enter the shrine contest, too!!!

gail said...

I love your "motley crew"! And I love what I am seeing of your projects. Busy, busy woman!

Denise J. Phillips said...

To Jingle's comment:)
Yes Jennifer! I have 6 weeks of doing this shrine I'm currently working on for the Contest! It's also going to end up being a entire blog posting for my blog, as it's so detailed! Can't wait! Thanks for stopping by and the wonderful comment!!! Cheers!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And Thanks Gale for the 'motley crew' comment! These dogs are so spoiled! But utterly loved! Even the 'moth eaten' one, LOL.
I'm certainly up to my neck in projects! Just the way I like it!
Thanks for coming by!!!! you're a busy woman too!
Cheers! ox