Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick Post this Week:)

Hello Everyone:)
Just a quick post this week, as I'm up to
my ears in projects, for some fun posts
to come.
As you can see from the picture above,
my husband suffers with no meals
being cooked these days:) 
(Thank goodness for take-out!)
(Although those who know me, know that
this is a farce my having a new stove, as
I haven't cooked for so long, I rebelled
a while back, and so far it's worked!)
My brand new glass top stove seems to
be an extension of my art room, as I 
was busy last night tea staining tags,
and having my half finished canvas
placed to dry undisturbed....
He knew I was an artist when he married me!

Anyway,  what I can report of new projects,
is this canvas in process, as I've been continuing 
to play with my printer and tissue paper.
Unfortunately, the other half of this canvas
turned into a blooper, but my art pal Leslie always
says that there's no mistakes in art, just lessons,
so I'm currently figuring out how to 'embellish'
the other side of the canvas, which you will
see in a future post.....wart's and all! (grin).
The process of printing on tissue paper you
can find in an earlier post on my blog, and
I encourage all of you to cross your fingers
with your printers and try this medium as
I've found it to be quite a bit of fun!
Here's another hint of a project, and as you
can see from the colours, I'm thinking 
Fall and Halloween.....but since it's only
July, this will be a post later on, but I do
love the colours already! 
Must be our weather!
Ok, so this is to show you, that it's good
to recycle!
All of these containers I wash out after use 
and save and 'repurpose' as storage for my
art supplies. They are furnished by a group
of individuals that seem to go through
tons of these containers hence why I 
decided to find uses for them instead
of disposing of them.
This group I refer to are a motley crew who
take up a huge part of my art room, (and
are quite a distraction at times:)

First I would like to introduce you to 
Oliver Howard
our soon to be 10 year old Spitz.

Then there is Our Dear
'Mr. Ted'
a.k.a. Mr. Teddy, or just plain Ted:)
Mr. Ted is 15 years old and wonderful!
And this is our poor 'Moth Eaten' elderly poodle
Sidney Matisse Laptop
(yes, he's actually registered with that name:)
And, yes he is a purebred poodle....LOL.
Poor baby has had a rotten year of medical issues,
after a lifetime, (15 years) of good health.
He's the toughest one of the bunch and has
amazed us with what he has gone through
this past year, and pulled through...he just
looks like he's been attacked by moths!

So there you go, you've met my 
'Motley Crew'
who reside with my husband and I, along
with currently 9 domesticated and wild
birds in our home.
I won't make you suffer through meeting
all of them!



BIAF said...

Love the canvas! That chair is so cool... and of course loving the sweet pups! xoxo

Denise J. Phillips said...

Don't be fooled BIAF:) There's nothing sweet nor puppy like with this motley crew...they plot together, and work together to individually interrupt art time, by making me get up from my chair every 10 seconds to let one out, and get a cookie for another, and cuddle one for his boo boo's, and let another one out.....and on and on....hence being up at midnight, as they're all in bed with the husband sound asleep.......shush, they might hear us:) oxox BCAF:)

Elly said...

Funny your autumn colours and the way Mr. Ted looks into the camera. (:o) Elly

Denise J. Phillips said...

Mr. Ted rarely looks into the camera, or our eyes! It's Oliver who gives great eye contact. He was raised by me, baby bottle and all. He was only 4 hours old when we received him from being orphaned, so he has no concept of being a dog:)
Working on lots of projects that will be posted soon, a shrine, another ATC holder, and tags, books, lots to come:)