Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New 'Story Board' Thanks to Red Lead:)

Hello Everyone:)
Well it's a quiet, windy, rainy evening here in 
Victoria, B.C. Canada.
And I must say from watching CNN
each morning, that my heart goes
out to all of you down South
who are part of the 'Red' States on the
CNN Weather Map in the U.S.!
My goodness, how ever do you cope with
such heat!
I have a couple of air conditioners in storage,
as so far this season, they haven't been needed.
We're kind of thinking that we're going right
into Fall and Winter as it never even seemed
like we had a Spring!
Anyway you all keep safe, and cool!

So tonight, I thought I'd give a 'Shout Out' and
show a little project that I've been working on
in between all the other projects:)

I recently purchased these wonderful stamps
from Chris and Sharon at Red Lead
(their link is in my Favourites Listing:)
I LOVE their line of stamps, and have been
an avid collector for some time now. 
They also have wonderful Customer art swaps,
and although I haven't participated, due to 
mail issues up here in Canada, I've always
enjoyed seeing their Customer's Projects,
(and their own! Brilliant Girls!:)
So I encourage you all to stop by Red Lead
and have a peek:)

So, back to my project:)
I've been studying these two sets of stamps
since they arrived and I had a package
of these cut out chipboards that were
in the Kid's Section at my local 
Michael's Craft Store.
(Always check out the Kid's Section
for art supplies, as you never know 
what might inspire you!)
Now, to look at these wonderful stamps,
and this boring cardboard, (grin)..
who would have thought....
I've tried a few new technique's with this
project, first off, Red Lead's Acetate Sheets
that I've purchased with the 'Negative' Stamp.
Using 'Stazon' Black Ink, as it will not 
smudge, and stay's on, (grin) to the acetate.
I stamped the acetate with the 'Negative' Stamp,
then chose from my huge selection of stamps
anything small and nature inspired.
(And yes, there's that pesky bee again! I just love 
this little stamp from Magenta!)
Whoops, lost a step:)
The background of the cardboard, is computer
paper that I glued to it, that was inked and
I used one of my favourite script stamps along
with Red Lead's 'Honeycomb' Stamp:)
(Now back to my train of thought!)

Then I tried a new technique I've just started
playing with using transparency sheets through
my ink jet printer.
I used this lovely graphic from 'Graphics Fairy'
(Thank you very much:)
And printed it on the blank transparency sheet.
I think this little bird is beautiful in it's design.
The original artist really captured all the 
details of this little guy:)
So, keeping in mind he's printed on the transparency sheet...
I then chose a sheet of beautiful scrapbook
paper to put behind the little guy:)

A few little touches here and there...
A tea stained and stamped tag, a wire hanger...
And a finished back side of the 'Story Board'
and again, a new technique for me, printing
paper tissue!
What a fun procedure that has been! You have
to try it!
Take plain artists tissue wrap. It's different from
regular tissue, as it has a side that has a faint
waxy coating.
Take a piece of computer paper, wrap the paper with the
tissue paper and with
scotch tape cover all edges so the paper on the 
back side, so it won't jam in your
printer. (Boy could I tell you stories of my experimenting
with my printer! Or should I say printer's plural!).
Tissue side up, waxy side down:)
Then take all of your paper out of the tray, and place
the sheet face down in the tray, push print with what
ever graphics you are using, and sit back, close your eyes,
and cross your fingers.....(ok, so that part you may not need
to include in the procedure, that's just me:)
Take the printed tissue paper, cut out your design, leaving just
a little edge of the paper around the design, then using 
gel-medium, you can carefully lay your paper on a coat of
gel-medium, then gently apply a coat over the top.
This might take a few tries to get the 'grip of it', as
the paper can tear easily, and depending on the amount of
gel-medium you're using it can be a bit fussy.
But a lot of fun to try!

Cheers for tonight!
Stay cool! Or dry, depending on where you are!



Kristin said...

You really jazzed up that boring cardboard! Very cool!

Elly said...

Wow...looks like a start for a new chipboard - album..? Awesome, your idea with the filmstrip stamp. Were can i get the artists tissue wrap? Love the cute little bird on the cover.(:o) Weather in germany is like yours, waiting for summer.xo Elly

Denise J. Phillips said...

Boy you're right on Elly! I fussed for days thinking about putting holes on the side of it to make it into a book, but because I've made a few of them lately, decided to go back to my series of 'Story Boards' for a little while. I find them to be less of an 'investment' of time, and I love using the small hangers from my collection. Since I have a pack of these 'cardboard cut-outs' from the Kid's Section, and I want to practice playing with the printer some more, maybe there's a book still to come:) Between canvas work, and more projects on the go:) I actually bought the tissue at a local artist supply store, but did notice that Blue Moon Scrapbooking is now carrying the same brand, 'Cindus' Brand Tissue Wrap. Sorry to hear that Summer still hasn't arrived in Germany, I see most of the plant is experiencing strange seasonal weather, as I watch CNN morning, I watch BBC during the night, (grin). Many, many thanks for 'staying tuned' with my blog! Always a delight to see a comment from you!

Denise J. Phillips said...

And to Kristin's comment:)
I love that computer paper, ink, cardboard, and plastics can turn into something! I get the biggest kick out of it!:) ox

Lynn said...

Wow this is stunning. where can I get these stamps from? I can't see Red Lead in your favs. list.

Lynn x