Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Passion continued....:)

Hello Everyone:)
Hope you all had a great
Holiday Weekend and
extra time off for some fun
and Family Time:)

As you saw in my previous post,
I have a new passion for making
journal pages, and have continued over
the past Holiday Week making pages
from scratch.
The wonderful big sheets of 
watercolour paper that my Art-Pal
Leslie had passed onto me, were
only 1/2 used up from the first
batch of pages I showed you in
my previous post. So since it's been
quiet time for the Holidays at my house,
I decided to continue making more 
pages while I still had some of this
great paper left:)

So here's a bit more eye candy:)
I had great fun painting and inking
both sides of the paper...
My entire floor of my art room was covered
in watercolour paper that was drying, then...
as each page would dry, I would flip it over
and start the other side...
Again, I was using Claudine Hellmuth's Paints,
which I am nuts over now, as they're so rich and
vibrant in their colours, and the texture of the paint
feels rich while using it:)
And also using the Tattered Angels Stencils,
and other assorted inks, and stamps...
I found that one of the parts of the process 
had created to accomplish these, 
and it became
a part that I looked forward to...
Was taking the very large sheets of
paper, all painted and inked, and 
while they were still slightly moist,
I folded in half, then with a large
ruler to use as a guide, I tore the
sheets into halves, then again into
quarters to create the approximate
size of each page. I then inked all
the torn edges, which I think gives
each page a great look:)
So between the batch that I made
for the previous blog post, and
this large batch, (as there are
even more sheets made up, by the
time I start putting it all together
into book form, and start actually
journaling on them, it's going
to be quite the project!

As I mentioned before, I found that
some of the pages, at close up
photographs, would also make great
backgrounds for ATC's or other
projects. Well...
I've also been motivated by one
of the pages..
I just kept going back to it and
looking at it, and remembering 
how I had accomplished it...and then...
It somehow jumped onto a canvas:)
I had a great 12 x 12 inch
Cotton Duck Canvas 
that I had recently purchased,
and decided since I was working
away on all these journal pages
I might as well jump off the deep
end and transfer the techniques 
to a canvas.
Now I have this to study for awhile
to see how I'm going to embellish it
later one:)
Another blog post another time:)



Kristin said...

Such GORGEOUS colors! The pages look awesome! xoxo

A Tale of Spirit. said...

Denise, I want to buy one of your journals. What a delight to write on such beauty, and keep it as a treasure. One would have to write beautiful thoughts to match the paper.

Denise J. Phillips said...

I'd be thrilled DorisMae! We'll talk soon, as I have two on the work desk in finishing stage:) I think I may have another one or two that people are asking about my selling as well! think I've found something special:) I'm having great fun making them:)