Sunday, June 5, 2011

While We're Waiting for more 'Spreading the Love'

Figured while I was at it, posting all this
months 'Spreading the Love'
Shout Outs:)
I'd go through some of my past projects
to post a few 'oldies but goodies'.
Above is a picture of an encaustic acrylic
canvas, collaged, inked, and hand coloured
with chalks. 
The child in the Vintage Photograph that
I used in this painting, (canvas was a 8 x 8 inch),
is my mother at age 3 in 1930.
(She was a 'cheeky' kid, and would be
so mad at me for putting this out globally,
but I love this picture of her:)

After looking at this awhile, I decided to
play with it a bit further.
I took a photograph of the finished painting,
then printed it on card stock instead of
photo paper. Then went through the process
of re-colouring it all with chalks, and inks,
and even added some glitter in this copy.
I put it in a 2 x 2 inch glass frame, then
added some charms that seemed 
appropriate. In my mum's case, she
was English born, and always wanted a 
cup of tea. So the teapot charm, and the
great 'tea pebble' 
(a gift from Kristin Hubick of
Retro Cafe Art!)
Seemed just right on the chain with mum's little
I wear this quite often to think of my mum,
Renay, who passed away 3 years ago.

Since then, I've done other 'Altered Portraits'
This one is of my Father-In- Law, Stan
and made this for one of my husband's
sisters for a keepsake for her.
I used the same background paper for
both the frame and the 'dog tag', and
I used the same picture of 'Dixie' the
pet frog of mine you've seen in some
of my other projects, to make the point
of being a 'real boy':)

Since these were made, I've now started a 
whole collection of these necklaces
and it all started with a canvas
I did of my mum:)
Funny how you can get ideas from all
sorts of inspiring places:)


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