Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Night Muse:)

Greetings All
How's your weekend been going?
I've had a wonderful weekend
feeling better from my 
month long dealing with the 'crud'
and spent this whole weekend
playing in the Art Room!
I had so many half finished projects
waiting for some attention, and over
the past month of being under the weather
I keep hearing the projects calling my
name from the Art Room.
(Ok, so I don't lack in imagination:)

Tonight's post is another 5 x 7 Mini Journal
'Precious Things'
I made a 5 x 7 Mini Journal in a previous
blog post, so I won't bother showing the
whole procedure again. If you need
to, look up in older posts to see my 
previous Mini Journal:)
Tonight, it's just some 
'Eye Candy' 
to enjoy:)
Inside Cover of
Mini Journal
This is first page, and I have to give a 
'shout out'
for Debrina at Land of Enchantment
for the great dress graphic!
I bought her collection of these
dresses, and in future projects
you'll be seeing them from 
time to time as the colours and
the graphics are rich!
Also on this page of course
one of my pet bird's feathers,
(Doodlebug the Woodpecker:),
and the wonderful Retro Cafe Art's
Bird Lazier Cut-Outs!

Page 2
Just plain and simple:)

Page 3
A little more involved:)
Used some more of my handmade
flowers, that I used on my previous
post of 'Urban Wildlife'
A few lovely leaves, some lace,
and a bit of rusty metal:)
(Thanks Kristin:)

Page 4
Bits and Pieces:)

Page 5
A 'Spring Scene'

Page 6
The 'Secret' Page
A 'Secret Wish'
that is....
On the back is lined paper
to 'write your wish'...
and keep it in the 'Secret' pocket:)
Page 7
And what Mini Journal is complete 
without a place to 'Keep'
special things....
and in my case, what journal doesn't
get a peacock feather in it!
And the back cover
I think it's my favourite page
in my Mini Journal.
Mr. Wise old Owl
a wonderful graphic from

So there you go, some fresh 'eye candy'
for a late Sunday night blog post:)
I have a few more blog posts coming
up over the next day or two to
catch you all up on my latest
finished projects and even a few 
other interesting things:)

Have a Great Start of the New Week!



gail said...

Love, love Love this journal! :-)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks so much Gail! Cheers!