Friday, June 3, 2011

'Spreading the Love' Part 2:) :)

Well I must tell you all,
I'm so pleased to give a 
'Shout Out'
to a Fantastic Internet Company 

When to my surprise this week,
when I contacted Lorna Hankin of
Finchley Paper Arts
 to purchase
a Great Vintage Find,
 it turns out that this 
Internationally Known Company 
is right here in my own backyard
in Victoria, B.C. Canada!!
I'm just so excited!

Finchley Paper Arts Internet Shop
is Proudly Listed in my Favourites List,
Lorna has just finished being an 
Exhibitor at the 
National Stationary Show
in New York City last month!
Here's pictures of her booth!!!

What 'Eye Candy'!
But wait until you go to her 
Internet Shop!
(Link in Favourites List)
She's offering a 
Brilliant Assortment of
Wonderful Graphics and Product!

But I must share the 
Wonderful Vintage Find 
that I've just purchased from
Lorna's Shop

This beautiful Printer's Tray 
that I've just purchased from
Finchley Paper Arts
is something really Special and Unique!
Other than the fact that it's absolutely
Vintage and Beautiful...
With great patina and bells and whistles,
(check out the great paper attached!)
But here's what is so Special!
It's only 1/3 the size of a regular Printers Tray!
Please go check out her Shop and Gallery
of how she's used her own Fantastic Art Work
to embellish these wonderful Printers Trays!
(Although I should keep it a secret, (grin),
otherwise she'll run out of them!!!)

And her ARTWORK!!
Oh, to be that Talented!


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