Thursday, June 30, 2011

Passion :) :) :)

First of all,
Happy Holiday

So for all of my American Friends
Happy 4th of July Holidays this week
and to all of us here in Canada
Happy Canada Day!!
And to everyone else
Happy Weekend!

Now, the dictionary states
'A powerful emotion or appetite'
So today's Blog Post is about my 
latest Passion, as I figure what
I lack in talent, I surely make up 
for with Passion for any new art form
that grabs my attention, or interests me
whether it's 'flash in the pan' for a moment,
or becomes a life-long interest.

This new Passion, started up with my 
Art-Pal Leslie giving me a big handful
of this wonderful thick, watercolour paper.
It's 11 x 15 inch has had me intimidated
for months looking at it. 
I kept picking it up when I would come across it in my art cupboard and the feel of it, the texture and thickness, would always make me feel like 'this could really be interesting to do something with', but  I lacked the self-confidence to think of a project to use it for.

Until now....or should I say, over the past week,
as I have been up for days and nights playing
with this, (grin).
First up, supplies:)
I decided to pull out all the stops, and
get into my art drawers and cupboards to
see what would motivate me with this
lovely blank paper.
So I pulled out my collection of 
Claudine Hellmuth Acrylic Paints,
My Tattered Angels Stencils and Stamps....
Tattered Angels Chalkboard and Glimmer Mists...
Tim Holtz 'Distress Stains'....
My wonderful assortment of ....
Watercolour Crayons...
And other assorted Stamps, pens and such
to start 'something'!
I decided to try my hand at making a 
Journal from scratch.
Not using graphics, or collage, or commercial
products, but using my own imagination.
I painted, sprayed, stamped, and started with one big sheet.
Then after doing this to both sides of each sheet, while
still slightly damp, I took a ruler, and tore the sheets
against the ruler, into quarters, to create pages.
Once they were torn into quarters, I inked the edges,
punched each page for putting into a book form later.
Then the real fun began....
Layering acrylic painted images, stamping, inking,

Layer after layer of whatever grabbed my attention
to use, I did!
Now, I must confess.
I have no ability with calligraphy.
So using a set of stencils, I made up for my inability
to create lovely lettering with tons of pen and ink work!
So I just kept playing....
Until I came up with this:)

Now, that I've decided that it is to be a journal,
I made the covers, ( to be finished at a later date).
I cut chipboard and glued with gel-medium,
front and back to the chipboard and pre-punched
the ring holes.

So now that I have found this new passion,
I think this project will be keeping me busy
for quite some time, as each page is turning
into a 'discovery' and 'journey' 
in itself.
Here's some more examples of pages
to be 'worked on' and some 'sort of finished'
A beginning...
Looking forward to playing with this one:)
Wouldn't this image make a great background
for an ATC!
(I'm finding this new passion leads me into all 
sorts of ideas as I'm playing:)
I have a feeling this will take months!!!! 
And I'm just getting started!!!!

So I have a beautiful old gold box from last years
Christmas cards, that I'm going to keep all these
pages in, so at a moments notice, I can grab a
page and work on or complete as I feel the 
So over time, I'll be sharing more pictures of this
As I always can jump from one medium
to another, to incorporate in the finished

So that's what I'm up to this week!
Hope your Holiday Weekend and coming
Holiday Week is full of fun times, great 
Family get togethers, and maybe even
some lovely Art Time!!!
Cheers to you all!

project in between other shorter posts:)


Elly said...

My mind is spinning rounds....and i love the colour combination you used. My to do list is getting longer and longer. I think i will start with a kind of gluebook and incorporate a little bit journaling like yours. Cute little bees (:o)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Obviously my mind is spinning going back and forth between projects, (grin). Glad to hear from you! Cheers!

Kristin said...

Wow, that is looking awsome! I LOVE all the colors and there is nothing wrong with using stencils! BTW, did you rob an art store? Dang!
xoxo BIAF,

Denise J. Phillips said...

No, I just had to shop local this past week, (grin). Actually, you would not believe how outfitted my art room actually is, (SMILE).
Some time, I'll open all the cupboard doors and take pictures....I'm a very lucky girl:) :) BCAF! oxox

Anonymous said...

Beautiful journal pages!! Can I come over and play with all of your toys?! :)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Anytime Melissa! I recently was asked if I'd held up an art supply answer was no, but certainly bought it out! (grin).
I'm a lucky girl:) Thanks for stopping by, as I know you're a busy girl yourself! You have an open invitation to art time at my house anytime:)
Cheers! ox