Friday, June 3, 2011

My 2nd 'Spreading the Love' Blog Posts!

Hi Everyone:)
Friday night, here in Victoria, B.C. Canada
and I've been a little behind in blog
posts this week, but thought I'd make it
up to you by posting my 
Second Posting
of a Blog Series I like to refer to as
'Spreading the Love'
which are 
'Shout Outs' 
for all of my 
Favourite Internet Shops and Blogs 
that are Highlighting New Events,
or Contests 
or just plain old Proud of Projects!

I'm a very Proud Supporter of many of 
these Wonderful Internet Business's
who have shown to be not only 
Wonderful Artists in their own right,
but Great Business Women!
And I'm really honoured to
be referred to as a 'Friend' to
many of them!

So, if I may, I hope you'll go to my Favourites List
to check out these Great Internet Shops and Blogs
this weekend and enjoy their Features and 
Wonderful 'Eye Candy'!

I'll list each one as an individual post, as
there is a lot of uploading of information,
so keep checking back throughout the
evening and weekend to be updated:)


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