Monday, June 13, 2011

Many thanks!!! Kristin at Retro Cafe Art!

Many Thanks Kristin!!

I'm so honoured tonight, that Kristin Hubick 
at Retro Cafe Art
listed my body form on her blog
Retro Cafe Art Gallery!
She's also listed it's picture in her
shop as an example for using 
these great paper wings!

Please check both her blog and shop
and you can purchase a set of your own wings:)
(I have the links in my Favourites Listing:)

Who knew so many would like this! 
I'm gobsmacked, as it's a very
girlie piece, which isn't usually
my thing...but when my Art Pal
Leslie saw her, I knew she had to
go live with Leslie, as she has a
wonderful collection of these,
but also, Leslie had a box of
Tim Horton's Donuts, so at the
time it was a good trade:)
So the body form has left the building:)
(But I know it'll be well loved in
it's new home:)

So, last you heard, I was down with a rotten cold.
Still in p.j's, day 9 now, and my husband 
figures it's now pneumonia.
Being that I hardly have a voice,
he's rather enjoying my condition.
Although it has backfired on him
as he is having to get his own meals 
at the moment:)
(Biggest issue is breathing!)

Stubborn person that I am, (grin), I see this as
an opportunity to get some Art-Time in:)

So here's part 4 of my 6 part
7Gypsies frame:)
This is Kiwi our 10 year old
Figured when I saw this graphic
of the parrot, it looked like one
of her ancestors!
I used the 7Gypsies New Tissue Paper
for the background. I love this stuff!
And can't wait to start experimenting
using it in all sorts of projects:)

2 more parts to go with this frame 
before it's finished....
never know who might be 
next in it:)

Also, today I tried my hand at something
a little different for me:)
I made this 'Chotski' Pin
that I purchased from the Art Sisters
Chris and Sharon at
Red Lead
I also used their little silver bezel charms,
and punched out vintage dictionary paper
to back the graphics of the birds.
I used Inkssentials Glossy Accents to
glue and set.
Added other embellishments,
(vintage typewriter key from Kristin
at Retro Cafe Art!)
And walla!

Think I'll be making a few more of these,
as they'll make a great way of 
giving a 'personalized' gift!

So everyone, that's all for now,
as I'm pooped from my few hours
of bliss, (and coughing), in my
art room, having some wonderful 

Ton's more projects to get finished up,
and, I've had a load of packages 
arrive full of all sorts of new
art goodies from all over the place,
so I'm in hopes of getting lot's more
done and posted throughout the
week, so please keep checking in!



Elly said...

First i would like to send you some healthy...(:o) I've ordered my first supplies from Retro Art two weeks ago, after i found your blog. Sorry that i didn't told them, that i did the order because i've seen so much great projects on your blog. Your Chotski Pin is beautyful.I think i've seen that kind of needle on a scottish skirt but without those beautyful charms.Greets out of sunny germany. Elly

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Elly for the well wishes:) I'm still down with the 'crud', but
managing a little art time each day:) I'm thrilled to see that you've found Retro Cafe Art! Kristin stocks a wonderful assortment of unique items! And I think some of the best service around! (grin).
I think I've seen these pins on Scottish Kilts too! But what a great way of using them! Red Lead is where I've found them, so do check out their shop as well!
Glad to hear there's sun where you are! It's pouring with rain here still, Spring is behind schedule, and it's almost Summer! Oh well, more excuses to be in the art room!
Cheers to you!
Many thanks!