Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday Art Project:)

Well hello everyone:)
I managed to be in my p.j.'s all this week sick
with a cold, but today I was just itching to get
into the art room and play a little, so with
tissue box under my arm, I thought I'd finish
one of my latest projects, so I could give you
a fresh blog post to start off the weekend:)
This is my latest attempt at a body form,
on one of my first blog posts is my first attempt.
So I guess, I thought I'd try it again.
This time, I had two products, that made the
process even more fun.
The first was the paper body, which I purchased
from Gail at Shabby Cottage Studios:)
It is a little larger than others I'd seen, and
was very easy to work with. I used Gel Medium
and covered it with the new 7gypsies tissue paper
that I am learning to love to play with!
I then, painted and after applying the paint,
wiped off with a damp cloth.
I used crepe paper, and created pleats, and 
adhered with Tim Holtz tissue tape in rows
to create the layered skirt.
Now came the fun part, the wings!
These are a new product from
Retro Cafe Art
that are paper, and come 2 pieces to a pack.
the pieces can either be a pair of wings, or
in this case...
Embossed wings back and front!
I just glued them together with glossy accents
and used clothes pins to hold them together for
a minute or two. The clothes pins didn't crush
the beautiful embossing. 
I used a Tonic Craft Pick to make the
initial holes in the back of the form,
and through the wings, (as they're doubled
for front and back view), and attached with
a brad on each one.  I left mine free form
for moving, but you could put a bit of
Glossy Accents in the hole to make the
brad stationary if you chose.
I then, used Tim Holtz Distress Ink,
'tumbled glass'
and lightly with a sponge applicator, rubbed
the surface of the paper wings, then when dry,
I used Tim Holtz, Distress Ink, 'walnut stain'
and gently rubbed the entire rim of the wings.

I also added a bit of lovely flower ribbon
that seemed to be saved in my drawers 
forever, using Glossy Accents to glue.
 I like the colours it 
brought to this piece:)

I've mounted the form on a pre-painted wood
candlestick using DecoArt Brand
'No-Prep Metal Paint' 
which I also purchased from Retro Cafe Art:)
Then the time consuming part was the 
embellishing of the skirt and the candle
stick by applying Glossy Accents to each spot
and gluing Mini Round Gems, 
to each individual pleat.

On the bottom of the candlestick, are 
butterflies, that I cut out of one of
my favourite paper napkins, which
while waiting for it all to dry, 
I ended up making an extra little something...
Playing around with my word stamps,
and inks, cardboard, (to make what I call
a storyboard), and the same paper napkins
used above, I came up with this 
Always trying to use up pieces so they
aren't going to waist, usually ends
up with me working on multiple

So there ya go! That's what I ended up
doing while getting over this rotten cold
and being laid up all week:)
I'm in hopes of finishing a couple more projects 
to get uploaded this weekend to my blog
to give you all new ideas, and new eye candy:)

I'm thrilled to say, that the daily amount of
people viewing my blog has increased greatly,
and from all over the world with which I'm
so humbled and thrilled!
Please feel free to sign on as a 'Follower'
I'd take it as further encouragement
and with great appreciation!



Elly said...

Oh Denise....first i hope you feel better now and second..OMG...still a bit ill and making absolutly awesome projects. The dressform is sooo beautyful...colour, paper and the dress..WOW..i must take a breath...You made a must have for everyone. Love it! Elly (:o)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you so much Elly! (cough, cough, sneeze:)
Hope all's well where you are in Germany! I've been watching CNN reporting about the Vegetables in Europe, Hope you and your family are safe from it all! Many thanks for the wonderful comments! I didn't know if anyone would even like this piece, as no one had seen it to give me feedback, talk about jumping in both feet, (grin), guess I'm gaining confidence:) :) :)
Many, many thanks:)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Denise!!! I just LOVE your body form artwork!!! I love working with these forms's been awhile since I used one and you make me want to alter one! I just love the wings and skirt and the embellishments are beautiful. I do hope you're feeling better from your cold ~ I just hate being sick, who in the world has time for that? :) Wishing you well and thank you so much for visiting me Denise, hugs and love, Dawn

Denise J. Phillips said...

Wow! I've motivated you!!!! What a compliment:) :) :)
Isn't it great fun to be elevated by nature! I've been
in awe of your talent for quite some time, I try really hard
to be as unique as possible, as not to copy, but I love the
'eye candy' on your website, and I am always motivated
after visiting! Being that I surround myself with nature, outside
my home, and inside, (grin), I think it's generally a common
bond with many of us.
Many thanks for the well wishes:) I figure since I've lost nearly
a whole week, with no end in site with this rotten 'cold', I might
as well suffer in the art room:) :) :)
Thanks so much again for taking the time to come by, really appreciate it!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Leslie my Art Pal would like me to leave this comment on her behalf, as she doesn't seem to be able to leave comments on my blog....might be a good thing!! (grin)....
Leslie wrote:)
'It's mine! Everyone eat your heart out! Denise gifted it to me to go with my collection! I'm one lucky girl! The photo's don't do it justice...mind you, I did have to bribe her with a dozen Tim Horton's Donuts! ..... it's mine....mine....mine!

End of quote....great donuts!

Jingle said...

Your dress form is absolutely stunning! Simply amazing!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you so much Jingle:) Appreciate the feedback! Feel free to sign on as a 'follower' to get alerts to whenever I enter a new post!
Thanks again!