Friday, June 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces:)

Greetings everyone:)
After spending the last week, still
down with this rotten 'whatever'
that I've been ill with, I find that
I haven't had any Art-Time of
clarity or substance this week.
Not good!!
The picture above, if from an app on
my iPad, (there are so 
many wonderful apps to
chose from for iPods and iPads
that are for drawing), 
between the iPad and my sketch
books for doodling, that's been it for my
Art-Time and energy this week.
So I decided to go through a few 'oldies'
pictures and at least post some past projects,
so you'd have some fresh 'eye candy' for
the weekend:)

Some ATC's and ACEO's
Of course, 'bird' related:)
This one was fun to make, there's
layers of inked, and printed paper
on this one:) I find sometimes with
the smaller projects, that I often feel
like I wish I had done them bigger
as I try to put lots of layers and
3D items into the pieces.

So I try to do the same with the
larger projects.
This is one of my first 'Story Boards'
the description I use for my Art Boards
on Hangers that I make.
This one was a gift to my Art-Pal
Leslie, ( and no donuts were used
to entice this time! LOL).
It's getting harder to find these little 
'French Laundry Hangers'
although, I just found a couple of
dozen new little quilt hangers that are
coming from the States, (and are now
stuck in the mail piles as our Countries
Mail Service is at a complete standstill
due to our Mail People are on strike!)
If any of you know where there might be
a few of these hangers up for sale anywhere,
please leave me a comment or email me:):)
I really enjoyed making this particular piece
and in person the layers of goodies are fun
to look at:) 8 x 8 inches.

My attempt with clip-boards:)
Love the lazier cut butterflies!
(Retro Cafe Art of course:)
It was a fun exercise in getting the paper
to stick correctly to the board. Ended up
using Gel Medium which worked great.
(quick tip...pre-sand lightly the
board to give some 'tooth' to the
glue used. The clip-boards come
usually with some sort of finish).

Another ATC:)

'Journal Page'
I'm still trying to grasp 'journaling'
as an art outlet.
This is a page from a small journal
that I have been playing with.
This is one of my 'altered photographs' that
I've posted about in earlier posts.
Again, it's taking a photograph and
sanding it with light sand paper, using
inks, stamps, pens, and such to
alter the photo...
This one was done while still waiting
for some Springtime weather to
arrive.....June 17th, still waiting!!

Well, that's it for the moment, I'll be
doing another post later today for 
you all to have something new to see
for the weekend. I'm considering going
through the pictures of my Art Room
to post so you can see what 
'motivates me':)
Hope none of you catch this 'crud'
that has had me laid up!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Ah, such wonderful eye candy! I love the butterfly clip board most. I'm joining you in the sickies club :(. xoxo BIAF!

Denise J. Phillips said...

just don't end up being a chapter member! (LOL)...pneumonia not a pleasant experience:) get better soon!!! oxox