Monday, June 27, 2011

7Gypsies Photo Tray Project Finished!!! (Finally!)

Well as I said in my last post, now that I'm
somewhat back in the Land of the Living
and getting over my bout of pneumonia,
( at least I'm out of p.j.'s!).
I'm frenzied in my finishing projects
that have been waiting for me in 
my Art Room for the past 
4 weeks!  
This project, my 7Gypsies Photo Tray
has been too long and I apologize 
for dragging it on.
In it's previous posts, there were
two more slots left, so I'm pleased
to say that they're finally finished:)

Slot #5 of the series 
'Being an Original'
This picture is of my dearest wild friend
who you've heard me refer to on occasion,
who we call Bubbie.
He was a true Original, even though
he was a 'twin' to his sister 'Sissy'.
We had a nearly 4 year relationship
with Bubbie, from his birth to the time
he went into rut and disappeared last
year. His sister 'Sissy' I'm pleased to 
report, has just given birth for the
first time, a few weeks ago, to a 
pair of twin babies, ( I think boy and girl).
She comes every night for her carrots and
apples, and has now brought the babies
with her:) I have known this little 'family' for
nearly 6 generations, and have kept track of
their lineage, and of their 'personalities'.
But I digress....:)
Last but not least in the 7Gypsies Photo Tray Project
Baby Woodpecker:)
Our little 'visitor' spent a few days with us
last Spring having a little 'rest' then was
set free again in our area, where we 
were so pleased to actually be able to keep
track of the little guy all that Summer.

I hope you've enjoyed the series, and again
with apologies, for it being so long and
drawn out, but do check past individual posts
of this project to see how it all came together.
I wanted it to be a little different from
using the Photo Tray for 'family photos' as
most are using it for.
But then, in Nature, they are all our 'family'



A Tale of Spirit. said...

You never cease to amaze me Denise! I love your creativity, your beautiful caring love and compassion for our animal kingdom, and for your friends. Glad the pneumonia has cleared. Hope to see you soon....Love DorisMae...A Tale of Spirit:

Denise J. Phillips said...

hug, hug, hugs!!! Thanks DorisMae! I had tons of fun making this, and figured as most would put in pictures of grand babies, and such of course I had to be different:) :) :)
Wait until you see my next project, (already started!), it's a major undertaking:) As you know, I'm always working on something, or many somethings, (LOL).
Love ya lots!

Kristin said...

Testing... 1.. 2.. 3..

LOVE the tray!! And the family!!

For some reason I still can't sign in and post with my google account, but I was able to go another route.


Denise J. Phillips said...

Crazy isn't it!:) Seems there's all sorts of bugs in the internet, some sites I can log on, other's not. Just glad you were able to finally comment! :) :) :) I think 'Bubbie' should be a greeting card, (grin).
I still have an ATC size 7gypsies tray, and the two printers trays, (the large one, and the modified small one), to do as projects, but at the moment I'm compiling my handmade journal:) I'm concocting an idea of having everyone do a page...still working out the details.
Will tell you about it the meantime, nice to have you back!!!oxox BCAF!