Monday, May 2, 2011

While waiting for Part 3 of my ATC Project:)

Here's another one of my 
Framed Collage Mixed Media Pieces
in my 'Oh Deer' Series
I call 'Oh Deer Dilemma'
(Please excuse the poor quality photo, still trying
to learn how to take photos with reflecting glass)
Here it is out of the frame so you can
see the details.
As you can read, you can see 
what the dilemma was:) :) :)
(quick note:)
Bubbie my favourite deer that I refer to on my blog isn't my only 'tame' friend:)
here's just some of Bubbie's family of deer that 
come to our home and neighbour's each day:)
The one in the middle with the antlers is
'Big Boy' the 'father' of the herd.
(Bubbie on the right hand side, had to
wash my lens after this photo session:)
At certain times, we have as many as 22
come for treats, and at this Springs count,
5 generations:)
And yes, I've been tracking all of them for
nearly 24 years!
A great hobby:)

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