Monday, May 23, 2011


'Love' Tag

Happy Victoria Day!
To all Canadian's having a look
at my blog today:)
And for all of my American Friends,
Happy Memorial Day soon to come:)

Isn't nice to have an extra day off!

Currently working on about 4 projects
for listing later this week and next,
so in the meantime, here's some of
my tags I've made to give you a
bit of inspiration!

'Always Loved Nature'

I enjoyed making this one, of
course since it's bird-related!

Budgie flight feather:)

This one was made for my dear friend
DorisMae Honer, a Newly Published
Canadian Author in Celebration
of her New Book.
'A Tale of Spirit'
(Link in my Favourites List)
DorisMae has always said that
she feels that the 'Owl' is her
'Spirit Guide'.
(I just love seeing her 'spread her wings'
with her first newly published book!)
Proud of you DorisMae!!

More Posts Later!
Enjoy the Holiday!

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