Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Spreading the Love'

I'm such a tease:)
This is from a Mixed Media Canvas
I'm currently working on, and will
reveal in the next few days as
it's almost finished...

Now that we're nearly into the Month of June,
I thought I would begin collecting information
from you all for another 
'Spreading the Love'
Blog Post.
In an earlier posting, I nicknamed,
'Spreading the Love'
to list any Special Events, or Proud Occasions,
or Special Projects that you, my readers
would like me to do a shout out for you:)

So if you have a Contest coming up on your blog or,
an Art Piece you've just finished and are proud of,
or a Project that you'd like me to pass onto my
readers, then please email me the information
and pictures and I'll get it posted with the group:)
I'll be posting this information and referrals
in a week or so, depending on submissions.


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