Friday, May 6, 2011

Part 3 of 3 Part Project

Part 3
of 3 Part Project:)
Finishing up:)

Well, here we are at Part 3 of my 3 Part Project:)
Part 1 was the ATC Holder from
Retro Cafe Art
Part 2 was the 7gypsies 'Mini Library Drawer'
To finish up my project, I had purchased

7gypsies Index Cards to embellish for the 
file drawer, but decided to do something a
little more creative.

I made my own file cards....
A very easy, although a bit time consuming,
but it was a great way to use up all of the
bits and pieces of paper that I end up
collecting from other projects..
I used, stamps, and coloured with chalks,
(one of my favourite ways of colouring),
and used rub-ons, embellishments, buttons,
and particularly enjoyed making the file
cards themselves.
I used punches, that are for decorative labels
and punched out chipboard templates.
Then when drawing out the file cards, I placed
the label template at the top of the cards outline
to incorporate the top half of the labels shape
at the top of the file card. A bit fussy to hand cut
afterwards, but I think you'll agree that the cards shape turned out pretty good:)
And here's the finished 'secret':)
I found out at the beginning of this project,
that the ATC Holder from Retro Cafe Art
fits in the slots of the 7gypsies 'Mini Library Drawer'!
The trick, (as I said in Part 1 of the embellishing of the
ATC Holder), is not to embellish below the sides of
the ATC Holder so that they don't interfere with
it's sitting in the slot:)
Now I have this on my desk, ready with blank ATC Cards and Playing Cards prepped already with backgrounds done, for
ATC making when ever I wish at a moments notice.
(Another great way to use up small bits and pieces from
other projects while still in a art mood:)
7gypsies also makes a Large 'Library Drawer' 
With this one, I only went as far as glueing on 
billiard balls to make feet, as I had spent so much
time making the index cards that I just wanted
to start using it!
(I'll post another time the index cards as they're a 'Circus Theme'
and quite fun:)
All three of these items, the ATC Holder, and both the 7gypsies Library Drawers are great ways to keep clutter on your art desk's 
organized and I think they're even motivating.
Hope you've enjoyed the 3 Part Series, as it's been 
my first attempt at a sort of 'tutorial', (grin).
I just like to share:)
I'll be posting more projects and art pieces over the weekend so do check back!