Monday, May 9, 2011

Mixed Medium Sources

This is 'Dixie'
My pet wild frog of 3 1/2 years.
Each year she would come out of 
hibernation from behind our pond
in our back yard. She was tame 
enough for me to pick her up and set her
in my lap. She loved our dog 
Oliver Howard. She would jump down from the
side of the pond to greet him when he'd come by
the pond, he would lay down in front of her
and look at her, and she would sit and make
noises at him. Every year they would spend
Springs and Summers doing this, seeming
to trust each other.
So I took this picture of Dixie and wanted 
to make something showcasing her.

Next I took a photograph of a mural
I painted years ago in our hallway.
I then used this as a background
for my project.
I layered the photos, hand cut the picture,
coloured the picture and added lazier cut
butterfly wings. I put them into a
second hand recycled metal frame, then
took Vintage Typewriter Keys and put them
into bezels, and glued them to the frame.
'Be You' 
is actually a picture of me, (age 5), at Trafalgar Square 
in London, England, I was actually feeding pigeons:)
But in this version, I'm feeding Dixie:)
I enjoyed the process of using my photographs, and 
my mural painting, with layering the images, 
hand colouring, and adding vintage goodies.

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