Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mixed Media Collage Shadowbox

Here is one of my Shadow Boxes
(that isn't about 'Oh Deer')

'What came first, Mother Earth or Fish'
8 x 10 Mixed Media Shadow Box

Again, please excuse the quality of the photo. If any
of you have any ideas to share about taking pictures
of frames with glass, please leave a comment:) :)
This piece was more detail than my usual pieces,
an interesting lesson in working with the details.
And yes, those are real vintage pearls. But if you
look close, there are 'bubbles' on the outside of the
This was a 'reclaimed' frame, that I made a box insert for
creating the depth, layered paper, and embellishments,
until I created the depth I was wanting. I covered the 
sides and back of the box on the outside with 'Tim Holt' Tissue Tape, which I've found I enjoy using in fussy areas to cover.
There is no particular message in it's title, just sounded good to me:) I enjoyed making this piece, it was an exercise in techniques.

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