Friday, May 13, 2011

'Cate's Life' Using Vintage Photos

'Cate's Life'
5 x 7 Mixed Media Canvas
(Acrylics, Vintage Photo and Vintage Paper,
Embellishments, Inks, Graphics.)

'Cate's Life' Celebrate Spring Everyday'

'Cate' as I call her, came to me as a purchase in a group of Vintage Photographs. When I saw her face, she spoke volumes to me.
The original photograph is an 8 x 10, beautiful picture of her in all her period dress, sitting in a garden.
I estimate, that the photograph was taken mid to late 1800's,
and I like to think that 'Cate' may have had this portrait taken
due to her age, I estimate mid 90's. Or maybe even 100!
(She looks very much like my grandmother and great-grandmother on my mother's side, and they both made it into their mid to late 90's, there's hope for me:)
Because the portrait was taken in a garden, looked like a vegetable garden, and the poised photograph, in her 'Sunday' best dress, 
I'm in hopes that 'Cate' will appreciate that I have put her
in a Spring setting, and that I honour her wonderful
spirit that made me notice her in the first place:)


Robin Swederske said...

I LOVE your blog! Cate's wings are simply wonderful!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Robin! Welcome:)