Sunday, May 8, 2011

Artist Trading Cards

ATC 'Deep Thoughts' 
Photo of my pet frog in my backyard
(3 1/2 years!), named Dixie:)

Artist Trading Cards 
Where the only rule is that they be
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches!

This is one of my earliest, and most favourite 
art mediums, Artist Trading Cards.
They're so quick and easy, a fast way to
get some art time if you are short on time,
they can be simple, complex, colourful,
they can involve any type of art medium.
Paint, type, pen and ink, collage, sew, anything you can
think of to create, as long as it's no bigger than
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 go for it! (grin).

(Title: Eating Disorders)
They can be serious in nature....
Back view of 'Eating Disorders'
And as you can see, double sided:)
This was made from dinner napkins
(see the irony:)

They can be silly:)
(Nana and Me in 1973:)

They also can be sweet:)

Here's a series that I did, with my Art-Pal Leslie's dog known as
Ms. Bean.
I refer to her as my 'muse'
Love that dog! She's so easy to dress up, and what a face!
Isn't she lovely:)
My little 'muse'
I love this one of her:)

I love to use birds in many of
my pieces:)
This one was fussy, I had cut all the
cage bars so the music sheet would
show through:)

Then once in a while I get into a
serious mood....
Speaks for itself:)
And this one I made for my Art-Pal Leslie:)
It's almost become our logo, (grin).

( I like the viewer to keep guessing,
which one is 'she':)

Many of the digital images used in my
ATC's are purchased from a variety 
of sources, the group in particular
I'd like to thank is 
Paper Whimsy
and Retro Cafe Art,
and many more.
I have listed their links to their shops in
my Favourites link list, please check out
their shops to start collecting your own 
graphics to play with:)

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