Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7gypsies Photo Tray Project Continued...

7Gypsies Photo Tray

Well here I go again:)
Here's part 2 and part 3 of my ongoing 
7gypsies Photo Tray Project.
I'm bouncing back and forth between
a half a dozen projects at the moment
and realized that I hadn't posted the
second part in the series, (whoops:)
Anyway, being absolutely nuts for
all wildlife and pets, this project is incorporating both.
In my previous post I started this project 
with an Altered Photo of 'Big Boy'
our local well known deer.

Part 2
Homage to 'Doodlebug'
These are flight feathers that belong
to someone who shares our home with us.

Part 3
Is a 4 year old, male 
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
He came to us as an injured baby, who ended up
not being able to return to the wild.
(Believe me when I say, a story in itself!)
This picture was taken of 'Doodle's' (for short),
in my kitchen (grin).
(Another story in it's self:)

As you can see I still have 3 more slots to fill,
so stay tuned, as there will be more
wildlife, and assorted pets included:)

Something a little different:)

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