Monday, April 18, 2011

'Story Boards'

I coined the phrase 'Story Boards' after a couple of reviews of my work seemed to have a common thread. Seems that I tend to tell 'Stories' with my pieces. I also have great fun with using French Laundry Hangers for my Story Boards, it's a great way to be able to 'hang' them on the wall for display, and adds a little something to the piece. Also, I have a collection of Vintage 'Adopted' Family Photos, that I mix with my own family photos, and Vintage French Postcards, ( many thanks to French Kissed, be sure to check out Trishia's shop!)

These are two of my favourites.
'They were the Best of Friends'
'He and Fred loved to Dream'
Both are made from my Vintage book and photo collections, with added embellishments from Kristin at Retro Cafe Art 
and graphic from Piddix on Etsy.
Who can tell me which one is Fred????? (grin).

Another Story Board using a larger image of my new Vintage Family Member:) I love the original photo, she looked like a wonderful happy kid from about 1890+.
This one is called 'The Darling of the Exposition'
(Mixture of graphics used, but special thanks to Piddix)
This one still remains unnamed as she isn't my Vintage Child. She's one of the wonderful Children from Gale Blair at Paper Whimsy, and I just can't bring myself to name her, ( isn't it funny), but she spoke to me of a sweet child full of love and pink colours. I'm not so inclined to be flowery in my work, but she obviously 'spoke to me' (grin).

'She never saw herself as a farmwife'
I was mad at my husband that day.
Just kidding, (grin).
So there's a few examples of my Story Boards.

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